Orthopaedics Q&A: Wax bath helps reduce knee pain

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This week’s answers:

I tried some karate high leg kicks and developed this pain in my right leg above the knee area at the right side of the leg.It has been 11/2 months now but my leg pains when ever I do padmasana and  immediately after getting up from the pose I cant walk without lymping.

I showed to a doctor (4 days back) and got treated for 2 days after which the pain got worst after his massages and reached all the way up to my thigh. He pressed so hard I felt the pain during themassage and told him but he continued and said it was natural to feel pain. He also did some electric waves therapy.

So I went to another massage therapist who treated me for 2 days and again I have new pain in the lower back area at 2 points when I touch there. Also I have pain in my Right eye now (Is there a connection).

Its been 4 days since he treated me and 1 day since another doctor treated me and the pain still persists.I want to know if my nerves have been damaged permanently due to themassage. Is there a way I can find this out.Meanwhile, can I do home remedies (dukhdabav lep or apply iodex or hot water compress) or exercises to lessen the pain.

Any help in this matter is really appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
anamika datta

From your statement it is obvious that you have not met any real doctor. People doing massage are not doctors.Please go to a near by hospital and consult with an orthopaedic surgeon and then mail me.

Dear Sir

I am 47 year old  male person my problem is with knee pain and i always feel like sitting or sleeping.My problem is that if i walk i feel that i will fell down what is the remedy should i go for some exercise  sorry my height is 6.5 cms  and wieght is 90kg and i have slim body.
Kindly advice what should i do is it over weight or some treatment should be taken.

Awaiting for your early reply.
jose thomas

I think exercises should help you. Please go to a physiotherapist and learn Quadricep exercises.Do that twice a day for 15 days.Even then if your pain persists please take an orthopaedic consultation.

Hi Sir

I am facing both knee and back pains , my age is 27,I am not able to stand constantly  for 10 minutes in one Place.Please suggest some solution

Thanks and Regards,
Rajesh Varma V

Your complaints are generalised and not particular. At 27 if you have such pain you need to be investigated most probably.

My mother is 75 years old and is suffering from Osteopeorosis (joint pains) for 5 years now.Tried all treatments, but to no avail. She is not able to walk properly coz of deep pain in the knees (where the gel between to bones is dried).

Your advice is needed please.
God bless n thanks.

Please try some physiotherapy like wax bath to knees OR SWD (short wave diathermy) for her knees.Did your doctor suggest some injection into the knee joint? Try them.

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