Orthopaedics Q&A: When detailed examination is required

Dr. Sreedhar Archik has an M.Sc. in Orthopaedics from Oxford University. He practises at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai and specialises in joint replacement surgeries using computer navigation system. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every fortnight.

This week’s answer:

Dear Doctor Sreedhar Archik,  was wandering if you can let me know what it means in my MRI scan that I had done whilst at hospital.

the following from discharge letter reads “

There is a disc degeneration at L5/S1 level with peripheral T2 weighed high-signal intensity zone. Thee is a moderate, central disc protrusion at L5/S1 , level seen effacing the thecal sac. There is no nerve root encroachment. The facet joints are unremarkable.?

I am also under a neurologist where i was diagnosed of having Chairi Malformation this march when i had the MRI of my brain and thoracic and cervical I had in January of this year and I also suffer from Myoclonus since August 2010 and have other symptoms such as a cyst on my right kidney and was told i need to have a TV scanning of my Pelvis.

I have no clue as have lost weight over 3 stone and suffering badly with my IBS at the moment.

Can you please help me with what i have wrong with the latest MRI of my Lumbar/Sacral as I have not been told what is wrong with me and the doctors here in the uk aren’t doing much to help me as i was admitted to hospital after collapsing after a seizure.and discharged after 18 days.

does it matter that i have a low BP and High temperatures to also add to this misery i am suffering….

I would be very grateful if you can reply back to me when you can.

with warm regards

Ms Sarah Prince
Your problem is too complicated to be advised upon without seeing your reports/ films and examination. It would be better to see your treating doctor and ask him all the questions

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