Orthopaedics Q&A: When to test for rheumatic fever

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This week’s answers:
1. I am sreenivasan, My sisters daughter is suffering from sever rehumotides arthritis, she is 12 years old. we had earlier treated with allopathy, for 6months, she had steriods regurly. Now I have been advised through some friends
and shfited to ayurveda treatment. Now she was better for the last two months, but suddenly the doctor asked to stop all medicine, but she is still haveing pain which is transforming in various parts of the body. As per his instruction we had taken to a Ayur vaid hospital for body massage, for the last 7 days. but now not able to walk also. since sever pain in entire body. Doctor said first pain will increase and then slowly decrease. also her aptite will be very low.
Kindly advice me what should i do . she is facing sever pain and not able to sleep or lie down also.

I think its not Rheumatoid arthritis. It should be Rheumatic fever for a 12 yr old girl mostly. If you are by any chance near a medical college please take an opinion from the Dept of Paediatrics.

2. On some occassion I may get severe pain on the right knee and vanishes for few days.On examing by an emininet orthopaedic surgeon, suggested that due to aging problems the bonemarrow declines in the knee, hence you get the pains.He suggested to keep doing excercise and walk which may give you relief. I am 64 years old but donot have BP/ sugar or any no other ailments. & physically fit to discharge my routine duty
Vasanth Kulkarni

Your complaints suggest that you might have Osteoarthritis of your knee joint. Local heat and some exercises will help you.

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