Orthopaedics Q&A: Why pelvic floor exercises are essential

Orthopaedics expert, Dr VV Prasad answers readers’ questions on bone health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Monday.
This week’s answers:

1. Can sacroiliac inflammation lead to cancer if ignored?
Normally sacroiliac inflamation doesnt lead to cancer. However if there is a possitive family history or uncontrolled long standing pain its better to do periodic check ups.

2. hello doctor, I have been taking homeopathy med for my arthritis for last 2 yrs. Though the situation has not improved, at least the pain is under control. Will this worsen if I don’t take English medicine?
In english medicine also we give pain control only initially. Even total knee replacements are done for pain control mainly. By not taking english medicines it cant worsen your condition.

3. what is the best pelvic floor strengthening exercises for over 40 women? Is it better to start on them before any symptoms begin?
Regular pelvic floor exercises as for pregnancy are the best. Its better to do them regularly.

4. My sister is going to a sports fitness trainer for her back pain. She does not find much relief. Will this lead to something more serious?
She needs some investigations to find out why the pain is there even after 2 years then take treatment accordingly. Probably you may miss something serious by not investigating.

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