Permanent Makeup: A unique trend in beauty industry

crp_3_240aprl16The beauty and makeup industry is the growing industry and they are rendering their best services to the customers. In beauty market, the permanent makeup has also become one of the popular process that is been adopted by the customers. The cosmetics and beauty clients are updating themselves what is coming next in the market. Permanent makeup is similar to tattoos. It involves using a needle to place pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin.

Permanent makeup beautifies and rectifies all the problems of the skin. It is a highly effective technique that takes care of all the special beauty requirements, that too in a highly economical manner. With Permanent Beauty Solutions, one can look more attractive and get rid of everyday usage of makeup with no side effects. This process will highlight the looks and one feels confident as it appears appealing to others eyes.

Over the last few years, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and aware about their skin and rely on the products that suit them at the best. Today, they are striving for healthy skin and driving themselves according to the trends. Every day there is innovation in beauty: the new products, the successes, the failures and also what separates one from the other person. Permanent Makeup is one of the new trends.

Let us check out the new trend in detail

Different types of Permanent makeup:

Permanent eyebrows – Undergoing this process it will highlight and gives a natural look to the eyebrow. The process will make one’s light brows dark and thin brows appear bushier than before without using eyebrow pencils again and again.


Before Permanent eye-liner kohl


After Permanent eye-liner kohl

Permanent eye-liner kohl – It will give one a freedom from applying kohl every day. It will infuse a natural black tint to the eyes.

Permanent lip-liner color – Many have pale/thin or lips which does not have a proper shape. With the permanent solutions one can make them appear fuller, pinker and more attractive, can go in for full lip coloring or lip liner which completely suits skin-tone; so that it looks best till it stays.

Permanent Beauty Spot – It can also be treated very well by infusing beauty pigment on the chosen part of your face which lasts for more than 15 years.

Permanent Coloring of Leucoderma Patches – Some patients of Leucoderma, who have few scars left, they too can go for Permanent Coloring. It is a safe and painless cosmetic procedure that can completely hide Leucoderma patches. The process will enhance the portion of the skin by giving a perfect shape or coloring according to the skin tone or hair depending upon the requirement.

How long permanent makeup lasts

Generally, all the permanent beauty services lasts upto 15 years. When we talk about lip coloring it stays only for 3-4 months and also Leucoderma patches lasts depending upon the severity of the patches. In India, people sometimes feel a little conscious whether to go for the services or not. The Clinics have to build the relationships with their clients who are their regular customers for past so many years to trust on their services and make them more open to them.

Permanent makeup people usually go for

The expertise should take care of each customer personally to know customer much better. Through these times, permanent eye-brow shaping has emerged drastically among the customers. It has happened because the eye-brows change the overall look of the person. The person looks enhances more when the eyebrows are in perfect shape.

A lot of North-Eastern people undergoes for permanent makeup services. Also, cancer patients who have lost their eye bows hair during their chemotherapy sessions and divorcees who are looking for a little change. These people are too inclined towards permanent makeup. A regular customer also shows an interest in the process but still the customers need to educate them more about the concept and their benefits.

All that extra information that you need to know:

crop_3_240x240apr2216There is no one particular brand one can rely on for the process. There is no operation involved for doing the process. German colors as well as needles can be used while doing the process of permanent makeup. There are no side effects, only a little redness that stays for 15-20 minutes after the process. It mostly put the accent on the brows with the permanent eye-brow shaping procedure or implementing permanent eye-lash joiner on the clients who possess very few lashes and want to make it appear thicker. Under this, it needs to be inscribing a black-line over the lash-line of the clients that basically works like a lash-joiner and to make them appear thicker and darker according to the tone color of the hair or skin.

With permanent makeup, there is a sheer joy in the eyes of customers who undergo this process. It gives the natural look of the face and it takes the confidence of the person to a higher level when they get appreciated by others.

About the Author

Gunjan Gaur is India’s best Permanent Makeup Expert, Celebrity Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Cosmetics & Academies, India’s leading Beauty Care & Education Brand.