Phases of womanhood: What to eat when

crop2_240x240_6mar15The word “WOMAN” is another word for the multi-tasker. She is the backbone of her family, the driving force behind every man and the pillar of strength for her children.

Besides being a mother, a daughter, a wife, a homemaker and the many other roles she may play, she also needs to stay beautiful always for her loved ones. From being the apple of your eyes to being a doting grandma, every stage of womanhood she requires a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Hence, knowing your needs at every point of time makes it far more easier for you to stay healthy and fit.

Let’s make a resolution this Women’s Day to make health a priority, the one who makes life wonderful not just for the people around her but also for HERSELF.

I, Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant, Tripti Gupta, wish to take you through the journey of health each woman should endeavor and through this share with you the key to staying beautiful and healthy in every phase of life.

Girl Child to the young teenage women
The active growing child to teenage girl needs to check on her calcium, iron and protein intake as her topmost priority. The key foods are suggested below-

Skim milk: Milk is an essential nutrient which offers all calcium, vitamin D as well as protein for growth. The quality of milk being essential, select a good brand. Most hormonal disorders in young women are a result of consuming milk of hormone injected cattle from early childhood.Always choose skim milk instead of toned. Milk when skimmed only loses its fat not the other nutrients, soya milk contains estrogen hence, occasional consumption is recommended.

Green Leafy Veggies: These are a must as they offer iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 for a healthy blood count. Extra care in washing is recommended , use luke warm potable water with salt and lime or vinegar added to the water for an efficient rinse before use.

Lentils: Pulses like whole moong, chana, tuvar and masoor are great options. Lentils include rajma, soya in moderate quantities. These are an essential part of muscle growth in young girls. Consuming organic produce is far more beneficial than regular.

Teenage to Middle Aged woman
This young woman is now well in 20s and heading to 30s. Her needs are high fiber, high protein and omega 3 to maintain good skin tone, keep active for her kids grueling schedules and daily chores.

Salads: Raw fruits and vegetables, vegetable and fruit juices, sauté and legumes are her priority now. Constipation, irregular bowels, dip in texture of skin, hair and energy levels are caused due to lack of fiber. She needs to eat fibre rich foods to sustain her activities and feel fit.

Egg Whites / Lentils: Sprouts, soya beans, egg whites , fish and white meats are recommended for her higher protein requirements. Amino rich foods prevent muscle loss caused due to high stress lifestyle, protects your vitals and keeps the fat at bay.

Flaxseeds / Chia Seeds: Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which can bring immense progress in her well being. Regular pain free menstrual cycles, sharper memory, supple skin tone and hair quality are all maintained with a sufficient dose of regular omega 3 in your diet. 1000mg per day is recommended in form of softgel for the vegetarian. Non-vegetarians can do with natural seeds and powders.

Middle Aged- 50+
It’s time for you to slow down and take a health check. Besides running a regular medical health check every year you also need to pay special attention to your Vitamin D, Cholesterol and antioxidants.

Exposure to Sunlight and Dried Nuts: Eating Calcium rich foods may not be sufficient now as your Vitamin D requirements have shot. Adding dried nuts, oilseeds, egg yolks ( one a day) and walking in the early morning sunlight is a must for HER. This will keep your bones healthy, keep you active and maintain a balance in body fats as well.

Extra Virgin Oils: With menopause and your estrogen levels falling you need to pay special attention to your heart health, cholesterol rich foods such shell fish and red meats are avoidable. Stick to lean deep sea fish, vegetarian proteins like sprouts and mushrooms and cook in olive oil.Adding a dash of extra virgin olive and coconut oil can work wonders for your skin, hair, nails and heart keeping your lipid profile well maintained.

Go Raw: Low immunity, frequents colds and wrinkling skin being your prime concern, add plenty of vitamin C rich fruits such as amla, berries, tangerines, vegetable and fruit drinks, green tea and white tea. Eating raw form of freshly cut vitamin C is your magic potion for every 50+

Last but not the least garnish your lifestyle with de-stress time, exercise, sleep and spending quality time with loved ones. Nothing makes you feel more complete than being healthy and happy for the ones who love you the most.

Stay beautiful and healthy always, Stay iPink


Tripti Gupta
Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant (Health/ Beauty/ Wellness)

Tripti Gupta, a Post Graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition, has contributed over 14 years to the field of Nutrition and has incorporated her love for food along with her knowledge and experience in nutrition, to help achieve goals through simple and practical lifestyle corrections.

She has successfully catered to over 10,000 clients including bollywood stars, sports personalities, models and the likes in her career.