Physical activity may boost kids’ academic performance

Leading a physically active lifestyle may improve academic performance in children, a new study involving an Indian origin scientist suggests.

Amika Singh, Ph.D., of the Vrije Universiteit University Medical Center, EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and colleagues reviewed evidence about the relationship between physical activity and academic performance because of concerns that pressure to improve test scores may often mean more instructional time for classroom subjects with less time for physical activity.

The researchers identified 10 observational and four interventional studies for review.

Twelve of the studies were conducted in the United States, plus one in Canada and one in South Africa. Sample sizes ranged from 53 to about 12,000 participants between the ages of 6 years and 18 years. Follow-up varied from eight weeks to more than five years.

`According to the best-evidence synthesis, we found strong evidence of a significant positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance,` the researchers said.

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