Psychosomatic disorders are caused by stress: Dr. Liza misra

Dr.Liza Mishra is a member of Indian medical association, Bombay psychiatric society, Santacruz medical association and Behavioural science network.

She has been trained in hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, jungian dream analysis and narrative therapy. Her areas of work interest include integrated forms of psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy for depression and anxiety for all age groups and specialized in children and adolescent issues for behavioural issues.

Dr.Liza Mishra answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

How does hypnotherapy help in depression

Hypnotherapy is not very effective for depression. Cognitive therapy is very effective for depression. I use Hypnotherapy for psychosomatic disorders and anxiety.

Is there a way to trick our mind into believing that its not depressed.if there is How.

There is no need to trick our mind. Depression is caused by distorted thinking. If we can change our thoughts to more rational and factual thoughts we start feeling better.

Hello Madam, I am suffering from negative thoughts and i have got high inferiority complex and hence i could not build my career

Our thoughts are not independent beings. We can control and change them. If you systematically notice your thoughts, change them to more empowering thoughts you can get rid of your inferiority complex.

Is Nexito a good anti-depressant? And what are the possible side effects?

Sorry I do not deal with medications.

I am an extremely sensitive and emotional person. Even the smallest of things will make me cry. Many people tell me that I must change which I am unable to. How can I deal with this? How do I become strong emotionally? Thanks!!

Sensitive and emotional does not necessarily mean we get upset with things. You can change yourself by making your thoughts more rational and logical. Over a period change happens.

Hello, my elder son who is 13 years old now, appears timid and under-confident; hesitant in talking to others and holds his aspirations advise..thanks..

He sounds like a shy kid which does not mean under confident. He should be encouraged to do more things which suits his temperament rather than forced into activities that involves interactions. His strengths and potentials should be explored which will help his confidence.

I used to cry in the sleep.what it is

It indicates that you are upset about something or you fear something. It will require conscious evaluation of your circumstances.

Where do we go or what kind of expert we need to see if we have sleep disorders M’am? Thanks for the answers.

To start with it you need to see a Psychiatrist who can then guide you to other specialist if required.

My cousin talks and also walks sometimes in his sleep at night. Is it normal or he needs medication?

This is quite common in uptight and anxious individuals. It does not require attention unless severe.

How do you conduct Jungian dream analysis?

Its dream analysis which takes a long time. So it is only sometime that I use it for therapeutic measures. There are other more effective techniques to deal with common problems.

I feel that I can see souls at night. Is this for real or hallucinations? I have had a disturbed childhood.

Difficult to comment whether it is real or Hallucinations. Please see an expert for personal guidance.

What does it indicate if one keeps seeing scary dreams at night Doctor?

It indicates our fears. One can work on our strengths and enhance them. Work on our knowledge and skills to develop them further. Deep satisfaction in ourselves helps reduce the fears.

I’m feeling unsafe with my friend and in my team in office and getting irritated so quickly. Also Started feeling depressed. Can you please advice how can I avoid such a situation and come out of this depression ? Thanks in advance.

These are signs of depression. Try to read this book, ” Feeling Good” by David Burns. Work on your thoughts and make them more self empowering.

Hi Dr, is it possible to be cured of foot and shoe fetish which is severely affecting my personality and sex life. Also am very submissive and like getting humiliated by women. Is it possible to be completely cured of these things.

yes it is possible to be cured of such problems.You need see an expert.

M’am, I am suffering from very low self confidence and i fear about everything. I sometime think all my memory will be lost and i am left all alone in the world, pl help me

Please see an expert immediately as your problem needs personal guidance.

I am really very much depressed in life with all negative thoughts, i fear the world may come to an end for me as all my thinking will vanish and i fear what will happen if i loss memory

Please see an expert as soon as possible.

How can one be more practical and emotionally strong in life? Please guide Dr.

By processing situations logically and rationally and not in terms of emotions. By taking up activities which gives pleasure and are more meaningful. Accepting ourselves gives us the strength to cope with life.

Is it true that emotional people are more sad in life as compared to others?

Emotional people are not necessarily more sad but yes over emotionality leads to frequent upsets

I am 39 yrs.I tend to get depressed easily. It is very funny but I feel like listening to old sad songs and crying a lot. Actually I have lost most of my family members.Does crying help?

Please do not listen to old or new sad songs. Try to get into activities which are more upbeat., puts you in a good mood. Try to make more friends and associates. Crying is okay once in while but does not help! Please seek help from an expert if this continues.

How can one enhance mental health?

Body and mind are related. Good mental health can be achieved by healthy lifestyles which includes moderate exercise, healthy eating, positive thinking, recreation( creative hobbies)

Why does one feel lonely at a crowded place? Is this a normal thought?

No, it not a normal thought. Loneliness is a symptom of low mood, usually steming from low self esteem issues. Understanding your own needs helps.

How to overcome the thought of loneliness? I am a working married woman staying with my husband.

Loneliness is a state of mind. We can overcome it by doing more and more activities that gives us pleasure and satisfaction. Also by being a little more self nurturing.

What is the best way to deal with guilt? Is it the best to discuss it with others?

We experience guilt when we do something that is wrong according to ourselves. It is a very strong negative emotion which we do not want anyone to got through. At best if one has made a mistake, remorse that is realizing our mistake is enough. Best not discussed with others.

What causes psychosomatic disorders Dr.?

Stress which could be external or internal causes psychosomatic disorders. External includes professional, personal stress and internal stress is our fears and conflicts.

What is the best way to deal with any kind of phobia?

Gradual desensitization, that is exposing yourself to the phobia in small measures and getting used to it. NLP has some effective techniques to deal with phobia.

Is it normal to be phobic? Are all phobias related to our past?

Its not normal to be phobic. It might be related to our past but can be treated. There are various effective techniques.

Hi M’am, I have a strange phobia. I get easily disturbed if I get a missed call on my cell. I don’t know why.It sometimes lasts for days.What do I do?

This is not a phobia. You could be having generalized anxiety. Try to rationalise yourself or take help.

I have this sleep disorder too. I tend to wake up many times at night. Also see weird dreams.Can I get sound sleep someday and be normal again?

Ofcourse! You can form a sleep routine by going to bed at a fixed time everyday. Not to indulge in any stimulating activity couple of hours before sleep. Read or listen to soft music before going to bed. Meditate if you can learn from someone. You will definitely be normal.

Hello Dr.Misra. I am aged 41 yrs. I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my personal as well as professional life. I tend to think a lot about my past which disturbs me a lot at times.Pls help.

It is important to cultivate the habit of trying to be in the present. Ensure that you do not have free time to indulge in worrying which is just a bad habit. You can fill in the times with more meaningful and relaxing activities.

My son is 8yrs. He is average in studies and has been a calm child. In the recent past he has started losing his temper quite this serious?

Its not serious but obviously he is disturbed about something which you need to find out. Try talking to find out if he has problems coping in all areas.

My age is 30 yrs. How to cope with anxiety and stress living in today’s urban lifestyle? I am working and a housewife.

The basic needs for enough sleep (atleast 8-8 and a half hrs), exercise (atleast half an hour 4-5 times a wek.) and recreation (any hobby) should be incorporated into your lifestyle, to be able to reduce stress.

As a woman is it normal to feel depressive twice or thrice a month?

Not at all. Woman or Man …its not normal to feel depressed. Please see an expert.

How to deal with mood swings. As mentioned earlier, My age is 30yrs.

You can read a book on Cognitive therapy. The name of the book is Feeling Good by David Burns.Negative moods stems from wrong thinking and improves with rational thoughts.

Risk factors are creating fear in my routine things and some how I am managing things and meeting failure in known activity with less perfection – Is it this is negative thoughts or psychological problem ?

You can work better by thinking rationally which means sticking to only facts and not assumptions.

I am 29 yrs old suffering from ADHD problem since my childhood which is causing me memory loss,lack of concentration,laziness,unable to focus in any task given to me,hypertension etc.Does Hypnotherapy treatment or NLP training will help to cure my problem

Hypnotherapy helps in focusing better. NLP can help enhance performance.

Always finding fault with family members.often getting angry.while arguing he raises his voice and if he is unable to argue better he slaps himself on the forehead and goes away.i am his wife and we have 2 daughter pls help me.

Anger often stems from low self esteem, very common in people who are critical towards themselves and others.Try to focus on his strong points and if possible make him aware of those.