Put the brakes on motion sickness

Do you dread sitting in cars and buses for long journeys? Do you feel like you might puke every time you get into a vehicle? Suffering from motion sickness can be tough and frustrating. Try out these natural fast-fixes for controlling nausea.

If you are someone who dreads getting into a bus or a car for long journeys, you are among the 33% of people who suffer from motion sickness. The term ‘motion sickness’ can be segregated into various sub-groups depending on the situation in which the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and vomiting occur.

There are many treatments available for each sub-group. If you have been using OTC (over-the-counter) drugs to alleviate your motion sickness while travelling, read on. Discover these natural and effective ways to relieve nausea and other symptoms of motion sickness.

Natural remedies for motion sickness

Ginger: You may have heard about ginger as a method of relieving nausea, especially during motion sickness. There is some debate among scientists as to whether the use of ginger has any real effect on relieving nausea or if it’s merely a placebo effect. Finally, it’s been established that ginger does help to calm down the pyloric valve (a muscle through which food passes) at the base of the stomach, thus helping in relieving nausea and vomiting.

Sip some ginger tea before traveling or suck on crystallized or ginger-flavoured mints and candies to avoid motion sickness.

Mint: Effective in curing digestive ailments and providing digestive comfort, this herb has a cooling effect on the stomach, which is found to be beneficial in curbing the vomiting sensation. So the next time you are traveling and feel you are about to throw up, try popping a mint candy in your mouth.

Acupressure: This branch of alternative medicine has also shown its effectiveness in treating a wide range of problems, including motion sickness. So if you are traveling, and have forgotten to carry your OTC drugs or mint candies, just press the pericardium 6 point. It is bound to relieve nausea and dizziness.

Locating this point on you forearm is easy. It is situated at distance of 2 fingers below the crease of your wrist, if you go in the direction of your elbow.

Other remedies: Some doctors believe that sugar candy and digestive tablets cure the nausea caused during motion sickness. Other oft-recommended techniques are listed below.

  1. Fix your gaze on a stationary object.
  2. Do not read while traveling. It tends to aggravate the symptoms of motion sickness and you might end up throwing up.
  3. If you throw up, wash your face and mouth and pop a sugar candy or anything sweet. The smell of vomit tends to make you vomit even more.

Now that you know these remedies, bid good-bye to motion sickness and enjoy your journey.

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