Q&A – Yoga

From mastering the asanas to yoga for weight loss and office yoga tips, Trisha Maharaj Singh takes on your questions on yoga. A trained Bharatnatyam dancer, Tai Chi Master, Reiki practitioner and a qualified lawyer – Trisha has chosen yoga as a way of life.

Trisha runs a Yoga and Wellness studio in Pune to help people rediscover the transformative power of yoga. She has also come out with a DVD titled Power Yoga by the Times group. Trisha takes power yoga classes in India’s leading acting school, Actor Prepares, started by Anupam Kher. She has trained a number of celebrities including international pop star, Belinda Carlisle. Her classes are a combination of classical asanas and alignment, strength and dynamic sequences, yoga therapy and pranayam and, most importantly, laughter!

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This week’s answers:

I am 48 years old. i had an accident in 1995 from that time i cant sit down with folded legs. can i do yoga as the left leg has no femur ball due to which there is very restricted moment.

Ramesh J

Do not sit on the ground with folded legs if you have no femur in your left leg..But strenghten your legs with standing poses – tadasan and virbhadrasn However, you will need to do some physiotherapy and yoga therapy for 6 months regularly to improve this condition. I would recommend a good medical yoga class.

I want reduce my weight…i am 24 years old now and weigh 74 kg. Can yoga help me to lose fat?


I have answered this question for weight loss.

I am 50 years old. Six months back mensus stopped. After menopause, my stomach is enlarging. To reduce my big size stomach, what to do?


Post menopausal weight is a common problem. You must do regular exercise,12 suryanamaskars a day will be enough to start with and also do anulom vilom pranayam for 2-5 minutes a day. In summer walk in a pool and keep your stomach tight all the time except after meals.

Hi…I’m 25 yrs of age… my weight is 102.. i suffer from severe back problem due to slipdisk.. i cannot even sit on the floor… i want to loose my weight… pls suggest wt shld i do?


Slip disc is a very tender situation and you must be very careful for the next few years. So do setubandh asan but a very mild lift in your hips. Also do ardha chandrasan against a wall with supervision. Always sleep on your back or on the side. Lie on your back every day for 5-10 mins with your legs bent and up on a chair.