Orthopaedics Q&A: Quadricep exercises helps reducing knee pain

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This week’s answers:

Respected sir, i detected arthritis by docter & under treatment. Is it can be treatment or not. Please advising me thank you sir

Dear sir, What is your age? If your arthritis is because of old age it cant be cured. Pain can be kept under control only.

I am age 45 yrs and I have severe knee pain especially when I climb the stairs. I have shown to orthopedic doctors but he has suggested me it is due to lack of calcium in the body. I had taken calcium tablets for continuous 3 months but at that time I got relief. Now the pain has started again.
Kindly suggest some remedies.
Thanks and regards,

I think some simple exercises will help you. Please learn Quadriceps exercises from your near-by physiotherapist and do the same 4 times a day for 10 days. If pain still persists please see your local ortho doctor.

Dear Sir
I am 40yr old guy suffering from Regular Back pain (below neck ,left and right side of shoulders), Can you please let me know the reason
I am Orthopedic handicapped, Use Artificial leg for walking , there is imbalance in the walk as well , request you to let me know the remedy ,
visisted ortho doctor and physician they say its because of fibromalogi.
srinivas chakri

Sir, as you are using artificial limb you can have pain because of your altered walking pattern.Please check whether your artificial leg is of proper size? Please go for Gait training.

Hi Doctor,
My name is Ragesh. I am 25 Yrs old.I am facing Shoulder sprain for about 2 to 3 months from now. I believe it has happened due to while doing pull-ups. Moreover, I have ignored slight discomfort in the initial stage and keep on doing my gym workouts and push-ups. Now I am not able to lift any objects of above 3KG properly using right hand from backside.

I have consulted an Ortho and he adviced me to do complete rest of the muscular action which resulted in this pain. I have done the same for 4 weeks and doesn’t seems like it is healing.What is the best treatment for this? I have heard that Voltaren gel is very useful for these iussues. Is it true?Can I do any exercise at this condition? like jogging etc..

Thanks & Regards
Ragesh K

Sir your complaints look like that you are having some muscle spasm. Exercises will not help you. Please see your doctor and get a physiotherapist opinion also.

Dear Sir,
My symptoms are in joint and muscle pains. I had low levels of Vitamin D which is rectified a month back after medication and injection.
However my pain in right knee is continued. Pain comes only when I walk for more than 4 kms or so for 2 days. It also comes if I stand for 30 minutes or so.
I do have flat feet. Would any custom insoles help? If yes, who can do that? I am 35 years old male.

Please see an ortho doctor. Some knee exercises will help you.

Dear Doctor,
I had right shoulder dislocation earlier while playing volley ball. No i am doing physiotherapy with the advice of a sports doctor.
Last month during the sleep, i woke up with a sudden shivering and my shoulder dislocated partially and came back to correct position its own.
Four months before it happened in similer way. I do not want to know the reason for it and remedy.

Your condition is called recurrent dislocation. You need further investigation in the form of MRI to see the soft tissues around the shoulder joint.
If needed you might need surgery to prevent further dislocation.

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