Reduce cholesterol with low-cal paratha

High cholesterol, high blood pressure and constipation are common disorders caused by an unhealthy lifestyle of indaequate sleep, unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercise.

We love eating foods that are tasty without any concern about our health.

In India, eating parath for breakfast is a common feature. Parathas are high energy/caloric food. A single paratha provides around 500 calories. Earlier, eating 2-3 parathas a day was fine as a lot of physical activity was involved. But, in today’s era of inactivity, consuming many parathas is not advisable. This can cause high cholesterol, Weight gain and other diseases.

Here’s a paratha recipe which is low in calories, yet tasty and easy to digest.

Spring Onion Paratha


4 tsp whole wheat flour
1 tsp oats
4 tsp spring onion leaves
3 tsp low fat yogurt
1/4 tsp cumin powder
1/4 tsp garlic paste
1/4 tsp oil (sunflower)
1/4 tsp methi dana powder (fenugreek seeds powder)
Salt to taste (use rock salt instead of sea salt) Hindi – Sendha namak used in fasting


Mix all the ingredients and prepare soft dough with some water.
Keep aside for 10 min.
Take small portions of dough and make roti.
Bake on a tawa/flat pan over a medium flame.
Spread oil on it.
Serve spring onion paratha with low fat yogurt/curd, green chutney, onion.


Garlic paste/high fiber wheat flour/fenugreek seeds and oats are known to reduce bad cholesterol.
Cumin powder and fenugreek seeds improve digestion.
Yogurt, fenugreek seeds and wheat flour provide the necessary protein.
Oil provides the necessary fat content..

Source: Dr. Bhawna Agarwal, Consultant (Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Yoga) Ishtayu Ayurveda Wellness Centre, Faridabad, HR

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