Reshape your life: Get fit and fab with Namita Jain

Indian pop singer, actor and television personality Raageshwari Loomba unveils the bestsellers Four Week Countdown Diet and Figure It Out by wellness specialist Namita Jain at Landmark Book Store, Palladium, Mumbai on July 22.

A Q&A session will follow the launch with Namita Jain and Raageshwari Loomba, addressing the health and fitness queries of those present.

The Four Week Countdown Diet comes at a time when there is an enormous awareness about dieting in a sustained, sensible manner and even more importantly, being able to maintain the weight loss over a period of time; this scientifically designed formula works almost like a “diet diary”, according to Namita.

Introducing a step by step initiation, Namita makes it much easier for the dieter to adjust to new food habits. Interesting and innovative recipes are available for every meal, with calories pre-determined and portion sizes specified, depending on an individual dieter’s body mass index (BMI). This allows every dieter to select a custom-made diet, especially suited for his for her needs. In case the dieter has already reached his or her target goal, there is a maintenance diet plan in place. The idea is to make the Four Week Countdown Diet a way of life.

Figure It Out, on the other hand is seen as an emerging movement that will revolutionize the way teens look at health and fitness. The book works as a one-stop guide for all teens, the single source for multiple questions, answered in a friendly and forthright manner. The book is broadly divided into food and fitness sections. The book highlights 51 carefully selected topics, ranging from what to eat and when, how to gym safely and avoid injuries, or why water is so essential for the human body. For boys and girls, there are separate sections dealing with their unique
adolescent problems.

Figure it Out aims to help teenagers stay fit and develop healthy eating habits that will become a lifelong routine.

Namita Jain, clinical wellness specialist and fitness author says, “In your fight for fitness, don’t think that you are alone, through these books I’ve shared my diet secrets and special tips to empower you with diet solutions that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Relying on quick-fix solutions for the perfect body is self destructive; instead I
believe that following a diet plan with the right guidance will allow you to enjoy a holistic and healthy living. I’m grateful to Raageshwari and thank her for unveiling my books; I’m sure that her support will inspire the youth to take up fitness seriously and live life to the fullest!”

Raageshwari Loomba, well-known actor, singer and television personality says, “Being mindful of my health, I firmly believe that there is a need for people, especially the younger generation to embrace healthier life choices and diet under surveillance, but before that we first need to transform our attitude. The Four Week Countdown Diet and Figure it Out, both offer easy and supportive diet plans that enable one to follow through. I congratulate Namita Jain for this thoughtful initiative and wish her success in her movement towards healthier holistic living.”

Excerpts from The 4-week countdown diet by Namita Jain:

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