Reverse diabetes in just 8 weeks

A successful trial has led scientists to believe that a 2-month low-calorie diet could free nearly 2.5 million Britons of the `type two` diabetes.

The diabetics, by consuming just 600 calories a day for eight-weeks, (the same amount many people would eat at lunch alone), were able to throw away their tablets.

Even after 18 months, some of them are still free of the disease, which is linked to obesity and usually attacks in middle age, reports the Daily Mail.

Is Indian diet deadly for diabetes?

Researchers from the Newcastle University have described the results as remarkable, proving that the condition need not be a life sentence.

`To have people free of diabetes after years with the condition is remarkable and all because of an eight-week diet. For many years it has been assumed that Type 2 diabetes is a life sentence. It`s chronic, it`s progressive, people need more and more tablets, and eventually they need insulin. It`s a downhill slope. However, we have been able to show that it is in fact reversible,` Prof Roy Taylor, of Newcastle University, told the Daily Express.

The importance of carbohydrates to the diabetic

According to the researchers, the trial also paves the way for new treatments for those who cannot stick to the drastic diet.

In `type two` diabetes, the pancreas does not make enough insulin – a hormone key in the conversion of sugar into energy, and the insulin that is made does not work properly.

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