Say yes to healthy snacking

Let`s accept it – we have all been through this! Imagine, you are battling steep deadlines in the office. And, peeping from behind those files is a packet of that irresistible snack that has been staring at you for a while.

You try to shrug off the feeling and concentrate on your work. But the feeling seems to hang on. Your taste buds too rebel and your mouth starts to water.

You finally take a deep breath and think, `What the heck! One time won`t harm too much!` and the next you know is you are happily munching on the packet, forgetting the extra calories that are being pumped into you. Sounds familiar? Don`t be surprised, you are not alone. `Craving getting the better of us` is a feeling many of us are only too familiar with.

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Let us take it this way, craving is inevitable and so is snacking.

For kids, snacking is a fun activity, for teenagers it`s an excuse to hang out together, for office-goers it`s the only thing that can beat stress and for the older generation, it is a way to fight off those hunger pangs.

In order to get rid of these hunger pangs, healthy snacking seems to be the best bet. Healthy snacking has tons of benefits including weight management.

Healthy snacking is all about the choices you make

9 healthy snack choices

The myth about in-between meal snacking is that it is harmful for health.

Snacking has always been high on sensorial delight and is a mood changing experience for most of us. But sadly, it has been considered inherently unhealthy due to the high fat and calorie content of commonly consumed snacks. However, snacking in itself is a healthy habit, provided we choose the products with precision.

Healthy snacking is all about smart choices. It is important to choose your snack carefully. To begin with, read the ingredients properly.

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