Sexy @ Sixty: When health is the best insurance

With the launch of her book Sexy @ Sixty, wellness specialist, Namita Jain, has covered the realm of fitness in all the life stages. As someone who sees sexy as being synonymous with beautiful, Namita clarifies that being fit in body and mind is what makes you happy at any age.

The clinical exercise and lifestyle specialist takes on questions on health and fitness in an exclusive interview with Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy.

What role does mental makeup have to play in one’s being fit as we age?

Being mentally positive and enthusiastic about life is a vital component to being healthy. As the saying goes ‘A fit body in a fit mind’. My years at Bombay hospital have taught me that taking control over your health is the best insurance you can give to your life.

What strength training can a person with arthritis do?
A person needs to focus on strengthening the body parts while protecting inflamed or painful joints. Often isometric contractions are suggested to those with arthritis. Isometric exercises are done in static positions, without moving the body parts are therefore they are safe and donot cause pain. Exercises must be suggested by a trained health care provider based on the specific needs of a person.

Can the onset of menopause be delayed with a healthy lifestyle?
Not really. But the symptoms of menopause, such as weight gain and depression, can be controlled with correct, healthy habits.

How can yoga and strength training be combined for a good workout?
The benefits of yoga and strength training are unique; each have their own merit. Yoga is great for improving suppleness, and strength exercises are great for improving bone density and shaping the body. A person can to yoga 3 to 5 days a week, and do 2 to 3 days of strength training exercises. Alternatively, both yoga and strength training exercises can be combined in a single workout session. The combination, selection of exercises will depend on the fitness level, goals and medical concerns of a person.

How do you get a reluctant person to exercise?
A reluctant person needs to understand the merits of exercising. When the person is willing to invest willpower and ‘ test’ the outcome of being physically active for a period of time (atleast 1 to 3 months) … its only a matter of time that the person will be hooked and addicted to the ‘feel fantastic factor’ of exercise.

Could you comment on the tag line of the book – Health and beauty at every age ?
Age is just a number…being proactive a looking after ones wellbeing is essential at any age. And if a person takes time to look after his or her health…a person will be healthy and beautiful at any age.