Sinus treatment for children: Dr. Ashok Jain

Dr Ashok JainDr. Ashok Jain is an ENT surgeon with a long history of serving patients by successfully diagnosing, treating and also managing their illnesses and diseases, having rich experience of 45+ years as ENT surgeon. He has experience in diagnosing the disease and providing best medical help possible by latest technology in operations. His expertise lies in surgery of trauma patient.

He is currently a Consulting ENT surgeon at Powai Hospital and Vedamrut Poly Clinic, Mumbai.

Dr. Jain answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat.

i am 40 year old female for the last 20-25 days i am having irritation in throat and bulgum coming again and again what might be the reason with sometime a cough also
There is some problem in the lungs. Opt for an xray and consult a physicain.

Dear Sir My son has 5 years old, we observed monthly twice or trice Nose bleeding. We contact with several doctors, they given the drops. Some doctors said, due excess of heating nose bleeding will happen. Please give me suggestion.
Could be due to heat. But The child may be having adenoids along with tonsils. Consult your Doctor and opt for adenoidectomy.

Hello regards.. I want to know which is better for tonsillitis surgical treatment or non surgical treatment?
If needs surgical interference then it is the complete cure.

Do sinus treatments have some side effects on children?
What type of treatment are you talking about in Sinus because it varies.

What kind of sinus treatments are available for child age 10yrs?
The child can be treated well by the help of antibiotics unless there is a bigger problem associated with sinus. Needs proper examination and treatment.

What is the safest method to clean one’s ears. It is said that warm oil can be used to clean them. Is it safe?
Don’t invite troubles for yourself by cleaning the ears yourself. See an expert.

My father-in-law is 72yrs. He is unable to hear words at one go especially on the phone. Is this normal for his age?
Hearing problem is there so proper check up is suggested.

I m 39yr female. Hav started getting irritated with loud noise frm past couple of years. It often leads to headaches. In my twenties I use to njoy listening to loud music but not anymore. Is this normal or u suggest some treatment?
You should go for an ear check up. Usually this looks like a hearing problem.

Can we somehow differentiate between cold and sinus infection ourself?
This is not relevant question as they are two different problems.

Is cold and sinus somewhat same infection?
Sinusitus may be followed by cold.

I do not want to go for surgery for my left nostril as I am scared it might de shape my nose. So suggest something non surgical pls. Thank you.
Sorry You have to opt for a surgery to breathe freely.

Male 35yrs. Blockage in left nostril -muscle /bone growth from birth. Blockage left nostril since age of 10yrs. ENT specialist advised to operate remove the muscle/bone growth which wasn’t done. advise something nonsurgical allowing me to breath freely.
The nasal septum which divides the nose into 2 parts may be deviated causing blocvking of the nasal passage,. That needs to be operated. There is no non surgical treatment for this. The operation is safe and will not de shape your nose.

I got my tonsils removed recently. If I have no tonsils, are there more chances of getting infections?
No not all.

What could be the cause of sore throat that lasts for weeks?
Any chronic infection inside the throat can cause soar throat. A dental cause may also be the reason. Even Pus from behind the nose going constantly in the throat can cause constant irritation resulting in soar throat.

What causes nosebleeds?
Multiple causes like trauma, foreign body in the nose,, blow over the nose, even cancer sometimes.

What is the best way to clean wax from my ears?
Go to the doctor for the clean-up. Don’t do it yourself as it might create complications.

Can loud noise or music damage my ears or cause buzzing in my ears?
Yes it may be caused. Avoid noise pollution.

Is it okay to travel by air with an earache?
Yes. Keep some nasal drop and cotton and lemon candies handy.

Can a problem with my ears, nose, or throat be related to another health problem?
Naturally yes.

How serious are ear, nose and throat infections doctor?
Very serious unless left timely untreated

What is the cause of allergy? I sneeze and get a cold every time there is dust around me.
Allergy is caused due to various reasons. Do an allergy test to find out the cause and treatment.

Is snoring harmful or indication of anything wrong with the body?
Usually snoring is not a good sign. It is usually associated with a fat body and as physicians say that it is the early indication of a cardiac problem so needs to be investigated further.

My husband snores loudly at night. What is the cause of this? Can it be treated?
It can be treated when the expert analyses whether your husband has any other problems like body fat, etc. to be taken care of.

Do those who have sinus need to get operated?
When sinus becomes chronic then needs operation if suggested by the surgeon.

How and why is sinus caused? Does it have any link to soar throat as well. I seem to have lost my voice.
Please consult an ENT Specialist for proper investigation as you need to be examined personally.

Dear doctor, I used a cotton bud and it poked me very badly inside the ear. Ever since i’ve been having sharp piercing pain. Please advice.
Please avoid all poking with ear buds. And consult an ENT expert for pain medication

Dr. there is continuous buzzing in my right ear. Increases when do heavy work or when I rise from bed/bent-down. Increased pitch continues for 20 sec & return to normal. I am 46 years no BP/Sugar – thrice a week 5 KM walk/jog & daily exercise.
Consult an ENT expert as proper examination is needed

When does hoarseness needs medical attention?
It needs immediate medical attention.

Good morning. what causes hoarseness doctor jain?
if there is any kind of problem with the vocal chords like vocal nodule or laryngeal nerve paralysis. Investigation of the problem is necessary to detect the exact cause.Dr Ashok Jain chat

I am male age-35yrs prone to throat infections easily. I generally do not drink chilled water. What other precautions can I take?
Avoid anything chilled and sour food and polluted water

Hello Doctor, Many times i suffer from Running nose and Throat infection and end up in taking pills. Kindly advise
Try and find out the frequency of your running nose. Avoid self medication and consult the ENT expert to find out the reason behind your problem.

When should snoring be considered abnormal or needs a doctor’s help?
If snoring is accompanied by hypertensivity, obesity or any abnormality in the throat or nose one needs medical attention.
I am 37yrs male. I snore really bad sometimes. I have started using otrivin drops. Sir please guide me. I needc more details as to whether you are not hypertensive or obese/ overweight extra before suggesting something.

I do gargle with warm salt water at times. what else can I do?
Consult an ENT expert please as you need to be examined.

Hi Dr. Jain. My problem is that I cannot talk to any one for long hours. My throat tires very easily. Is this normal?
It is not normal. Consult an ENT Specialist.

Is dizziness and vertigo problem almost the same?

Female age 26yr.I feel dizzy on any height that could be above 1st floor. So I avoid going on the terrace of my building or any kind of heights. What should I do to overcome dizziness?
Go for a detailed check up and also for an eye check up please.

I am a 26yr male. I have a very soft voice. Even my father has a soft voice. Can I do some treatment to make my voice sound masculine?
You are inherited with soft voice I guess. You should consult an ENT Specialist to analyze the cause of soft voice besides being inherited.

Is sinus responsible or related to migraine headaches to some extent?
Migraine is different disease. It has nothing to do with Sinus.

There are some sinus points which we usually press or massage for relaxation.Do sinus points on face ache for everyone or only for those with sinus?
There is nothing called sinus points in allopathy. Sinus needs to be treated by a proper treatment.

Dear dr jain, sometimes i get pain on the right sight of upper cheek bone below right eye which is relieved after pressing the point for sometime. advice pls.
You can go for the PNS xray and get examined by some ENT surgeon.

How to prevent swimmer’s ear being a frequent swimmer?
Wear ear plugs.

Sir i am very fond of swimming. I want to know about swimmer’s ear infection. Do all swimmer’s get it?
Not always. One should take care of keeping the ears plugged while diving and swimming.

Can Sinus problem be completely eradicated?
Yes why not?

What is the best treatment available for Sinus?
Immediate treatment is antibiotics, analgesics and anti allergics and when this does not work one should go for antrum wash.

Hello. can you please tell me the main cause of Sinusitis?
Sinusitis is due to infection through the nose, water logging in the entrum, untreated cough and cold.

Are there any dos and donts for ppl like me who are prone to sore throat?
Avoid cold water, ice creams, sour food, outside polluted water.

Hello Doctor Jain. Hope u are doing good. I am female singer age 27yrs. What is the safest and quick mthod to trat sore throat?
There is no quick cure for any health problem. You can anyways do gargelling but it will take some time to heal.

Pl suggest some good coygh syrup which can be used by a normal adult.
There are many reasons that lead to cough so unless those reasons are diagnosed a proper cough syrup cannot be suggested.

I am 31yr male allergic to dust. I start sneezing very badly even upto 10-15 times at one time. Is there a treatment for this doctor?
You have to avoid the dusty areas. Anti allergies are there as treatment but better to avoid dusty areas.

My husband & son frequently suffer from tonsils problem. Please advice.
I need more details. Anyways you can go for a tonsils operation provided your husband is not suffering from cough and cold. And your son should be operated for it only if he is below 7 yrs of age. Consult an expert.

Hello! Doctor, I am Vandana my Age is 42 yrs. From last 3-4 Months there is buzzing sound coming from my right ear. Please let me know the reason and cure and whether it is any major problem.
Please tell me whether you have any other problem like hearing loss or any pain in the ear or any discharge from the ear, unless you know about it I won’t be able to suggest anything. Please see an ENT Specialist.

I am diabetic +HBP and early stage of cataract. should I remove it or wait. I find some problem in driving in night
Definitely you must go for removal but prior to that see to that your diabetes and HBP is controlled or you wouldn’t be eligible for the cataract removal. As I am aware of your age group I cannot recommend anything specific.