Six ways to keep fit during monsoon

Simple exercises to do at home A morning drizzle or evening showers during the monsoon might hamper your daily walk. So, does it mean that you should stop being active? Absolutely not! Try spot running on the floor or dance to stay fit even if it pours heavily outside, says an expert.

Saravanan Hariram, fitness coach in HealthifyMe, an app that provides health solutions, suggests some great ways to follow a fitness regime and remain fit during the monsoon season.

* You usually go for your walk or to the gym at a particular time. Stick to the same time plan for your indoor workouts also. And, dress the same way you do when you go out for a workout. Start with simple warm-up. Do exercise like spot running on the floor for a few minutes.

* Purchase a few simple exercising devices like resistance bands and skipping rope. If you always wanted to buy an indoor cycle or treadmill, this is the right time. It’s a good option, as they can be used again during your next indoor monsoon workout session.

* The stairs in your house are superb exercising device themselves. You can simply start doing stair climbing up and down for a few minutes.

* Body weight exercises like push-ups, squats and lunges are excellent choices to improve your muscular strength.

* Practice yoga. It also helps in reducing respiratory problems that are common during the monsoon season.

* If you love to dance, dance like nobody is watching. This is a fun way to enjoy your indoor monsoon workouts.

* Household chores are an excellent way to keep yourself fit. Clean out the shelves and cupboards, sweep the entire house, hand wash the clothes and do dish washing.

Source: IANS
Image: Getty Images