Size zero is a media invented term: Rujuta Diwekar

Winner of the ‘Nutrition Award’ from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Rujuta Diwekar is among the most qualified and sought after practitioners in India today and the only nutritionist to have accreditation from Sports Dietitians, Australia.

In the plethora of diet fads and fears, Rujuta’s voice rings loud and clear, urging us to use our common sense and un-complicate the act of eating. Her two books have sold more than 5 lakh copies and have been translated in more than 5 languages. Her film “Indian food wisdom & the art of eating right” is out on dvd and already in the best seller charts. She is currently working on her 3rd book on exercise.

Her clientele list includes celebrities like Anil Ambani, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma.

Rujuta Diwekar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Please advise diet plan for good healthy life? right way of eating.
please read both my books and the DVD Indian food wisdom for detailed answer

With caridiac problem what food is right?
cardiac problem can be dealt with by eating wholesome fat like nuts, ghee, dairy and cold pressed oils like peanut, sesame and coconut. do exercise daily for about 30mins

What food is right for eating & quantity?
all food is good and for quantity listen to your stomach so that you don’t over eat

For a diabetic person what food is ok?
all food is good for diabetic. just avoid biscuits and other packaged food

What food is good for breakfast,lunch,evening,dinner?
home cooked, fresh, local, seasonal and fresh. anything that fits this requirement is a good option.

After exercise what food is good ?
banana or potato with a protein shake is a good option

What are the recommended sources for B12?
dahi, lassi, chaas, sprouts, idli,dhokla, B12 absorption goes down due to poor sleep, so focus on that.

As both my grandparents are above 70yrs and quite healthy, what all should be included in their diet to maintain good health?
Get them to eat what they have been eating since childhood. Also help them stay more active

Dear Ms. Rujata. How can one control diabetes through one’s diet? Pls advise in brief.
Follow guidelies as per my first book ‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight’. Also watch the DVD ‘Indian food wisdom and the art of eating right’ for learning to control blood sugar by eating right

When one is asked to eat small portions of meals throughout the day instead of larger meals, what should those meals contain of and should be eaten after how much time?
Eat every 2-3 hours. Read don’t lose your mind, lose your weight

Hi Madam Rujuta. Please guide me as to what all should I include in my salads?
Just eat sabzi and don’t bother with salads

I had read somewhere that if cut down on our salt and sugar intake it leads to weight loss. How true?
cutting down on packaged food helps weight loss and most of that is high on salt and sugar. but no need to cut sugar from tea/ coffee or salt from dal and sabzi

Hello Rujuta. Does drinking plenty of water especially warm water helps in weight loss?
Water keeps you hydrated and that is a good thing but it has no magical powers to make you thin.

Why do we develop allergies towards certain foods? Like I have allergy to cabbages.
Because your body could be rejecting them.

My mother in law has arthiritis. Can you please advise a few dos and donts for her diet?
Help her get more active, strength training in the gym will help so will Iyengar yoga. Also do get her to eat more ghee, nuts, for better absorption of Vit D and calcium. Ask her to avoid spending long hours watching TV

Can brown rice be had for both lunch and dinner? I feel brown rice is comparatively more filling and heavier.
Go for single polished rice instead of brown

What is the best breakfast diet to get an energetic day?
Anything that’s local fruit followed by a home cooked breakfast meal

Hello Madam, I am male aged 38yrs. I am very fond of bananas and have found it to be an energetic fruit. But I feel I am gaining weight bcoz of it. How to control weight gain?
Bananas don’t lead to gain in body weight, inactivity does. So keep that under check

Is it true that panipuri helps to detoxify? How many times a week can we have it?
No, not to detoxify but its a good chaat item just like ragda pattice, sev puri and bhel 🙂

Hi Rujuta, Had followed your 2 hr diet mentioned in your book , with good results. However , any slight modification in the diet due to travelling or work , led to me putting on weight again! Any solutions?
Just get back on track with your diet and that dream body will be back in no time

I am female aged 27yrs. Height 5ft 3″. Weight 68kgs. What should be my ideal weight?
There is no such thing as ideal weight. Focus on leading a disciplined life instead

What is your take on ‘size zero’? Kareena says that she does not want to get to size zero ever again.
Size zero is a media invented term.

How is the diet plan different when compared to a celebrity actor?
Both are human beings so its not different based on fame and stardom but differences are based on activity and lifestyle. Stars are much more physically active than us regular 9-5 job keepers

How has the experience been to guide Kareena Kapoor as a dietician?
kareena kapoor is the most wonderful and disciplined person I have ever met

Should a protein rich diet be avoided at dinner time?
well diet should be wholesome

Do the consumption of carbohydrates add to to fat gain?
no, not at all. you need carbs to burn fat. specially required post activity and exercise

M’am what is advise on the ready to cook foods that you got now a days?
avoid them and make time to cook

How many eggs are healthy on per day basis?
depends on how many you need. do eat the yolk though

I used to eat sweeteners first. Now I have stopped it. Is it safe?
its safe now because you have stopped:)

Madam I want to know about the detox diet. What is it?
its a pure waste of time. invest in a detox lifestyle instead

How is Soy milk for kids?
I think if your child is rejecting cow milk, don’t force any other milk. give them nuts and green leafy veggies for calcium

What is the best food to give my daughter-9yrs for lunch?
anything made at home and fresh is good.