Skin Care in Diabetes

Diabetes can affect every part of your body – including the most exposed tissue – your skin. Fortunately, many skin problems can be prevented or treated easily if caught early.

Skin can be kept healthy by following these tips

• Use a moisturizing soap, but avoid bubble baths.
• Use warm (not hot) water while bathing.
• Bathe less during cold (dry months.)
• Dry your skin well and use talcum powder to minimize friction between contact areas of skin.

• Drink at least eight glasses of water each day.
• Apply lotion to your skin after bathing, but don’t use it between the toes.

Avoiding injury
• Treat cuts right away. Wash minor breaks with soap and water.
• Do not use antiseptic, iodine or alcohol, as these can be too harsh.
• Always wear soft foot wear at home.
• Check for injuries every day — especially on your feet.

Source: M. Indhumathy B.Sc., PGDND, MBA, Dept. of Education, M.V.Hospital for Diabetes & Prof. M.Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre