Sleep and hydration essential for glowing skin : Dr. Oberoi

240x240_02_june4Dr. Geeta Oberoi, Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, is the Managing Director of Skin & You Clinic and a Consultant with St. Elizabeth Hospital. She is the first to introduce Micro Current Non Invasive Technology which is the quickest anti-wrinkle & facial lines treatment that postpones the need for anti-ageing injections in India.

Her fields of expertise include acne and acne scars, micro dermabrasion, anti-ageing and glow factor, mesotherapy, chemical peels, complexion analysis, pigmentation, eye region complaints, micro current facelift, laser hair removal, botox and fillers, i-LIPO body shaping inch loss and wart removal.

Dr. Oberoi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

How to get rid of warts around neck? Is there any effective treatment for wart removal?
well can remove the skin tags with radiofrequency ellman machine safely and easily

am male 61 with type diabetes under medication.There are patches(skin colour different) mor ein the left and less in the right. marginal improvement after using Hamam soap for the last couple of months .Please advice.
above answered

Am Male 61 with type 1 diabetis under medication.there is a patch( skin colour different in the arm pits more in the left and slightly lesser in the right.using Hamam soap regularly last 2 months .Your advice please
well the patch could be acanthosis nigricans, is it itchy then can be fungal infection diificuly to help can send us a picture online on our website . would recommend not using hammam but oilatum soap or dermadew soap

Dr Geeta , Good Afternoon to you . Can you please give me skin care tips for the ensuing summer . Especially for the face . 
i do not know your skin type assuming oily can use neutrogena sunscreen ,cetaphil oil control face wash twice a day, a light moisturiser like emolene cream

Is it important to apply a moisturiser before using a sunscreen M’am?
if you have dry skin yes, oily skin can avoid , depends on the skin type

On day to day basis a general skin care advice is cleansing, toning, moisturising. Is toning essential for all? What are the benefits of toning?
not toning is not essential

Apart from facials and chemical peels which other skin treatments are generally advised for normal skin on regular basis?
can do laser treatments , mesotherapy, dermarollers

Are there any skin conditions on which chemical peels should be avoided?
dry ,excoriated,irritated ,eczematous skin

Do chemical peels have any side effects?
yes they can have side effects if not done under medical guidance

Hello Doctor to try, I am 29yrs female. I want chemical peel. What are the benefits of chemical peels?
chemical peels are of various kinds depends on the reason why you want to do it, they help in lightening the skin, exfoliating,acne,acne marks works on lines and they are various kinds of chemical peels… pls get it done under medical guidance

I have scalp problem from last 1 year in my hair.Many doctors advised to use kitokonazole and sebowase sampoo but they did not work and now i am using himalaya anti dandruf oil that also doesn’t work. please provide some remedies.
can use noskurf lotion apply overnight and wash in morning if you have dandruff but if it is another condition like psoriasis we need to know

What is the best way or treatment to get rid of Black heads?
use a good face wash, wash face thrice a day,can use salic as a face wash and adapalene gel on the black heads under medical guidance

Does regular facials lead to a better skin? How many times a month do you suggest?
the right face treatments does help the skin to exfoliate and even the texture and tone a good home care routine is equally important. once a month is enough

Should we wear a sunscreen even in the monsoon season? What SPF is advised?
with cloud coverage we have only 10-15% sun protection , we definately need a sunscreen anything over 30 spf is good

What is the best skin care regimen for a working woman post 30yrs age?
sunscreen , moisturiser,face wash, creams with exfoliating agents,an eye cream with mild retinol , lighetning cream at night and once a month rejuvenation treatment

Doctor is it that the skin products with strong fragrance are harmful for skin?
yes we do not recommend strong fragranced products due to chances of allergy and contact dermatitis and sun allergic reactions are higher etc

What is your say on the variety of anti-wrinkle creams available in market today? Are they safe and effective madam?
well most of them serve as good moisturisers . any antiageing crean needs retinol or low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and they are various other molecules then these needs to penetrate into the skin. we see most of our treatmnets are actually methods to penetrate the skin barrier how by just applying theses creams the barrier is penetrated and they reach the desired location needs more resarch and intelligent consumers

Is the Micro Current Invasive Technology a permanent solution to wrinkles?
no it is not a permanent solution but it delays the wrinkles as i cannot stop ageing but can delay it . we recommend follow up sessions to maintain the look

How does the Micro Current Invasive Technology actually work?
pls read all about it on our website all details are mentioned there

Is the Micro Current Invasive Technology available only at your clinic?
we know from our machine suppliers that other clinics also have it but i do not know the name of the clinics

What are the most important tips that one should regularly follow to delay the aging skin?
use a good sunscreen, stay away from the sun between 10 am to 4 pm, avoid harsh scrubs and cleansers on face. avoid steroids on face. use a good moisturiser. do not smoke. take a diet rich in fruits vegetable. excercise. hydrate your body. avoid you yo weight gain and loss. avoid alcohol. sleep well. avoid stress.check for vitamin deficency and treat esp vitamin d.

Madam some females have this shine and extra glow on their face. Is this treatment, cosmetics or their genes?
mostly seen in oily skin patients, cosmetics can add to the oilyness on the skin. we do seen genetics can play a role in acne

How to get rid of Acne scars? Are they permanent?
acne scars are difficult to treat ,use a combination approach like laser ,mesotherapy ,chemical peels . most importantly do not neglect acne treat it as a medical condition240x240_01_june4

What are the main triggers for Acne?
Oil based make-up menstruation Squeezing or pricking of lesion Hard scrubbing Fatty or fried food Stress (which results in hormonal changes and hence acne) Hormonal pills in women Protein supplements

Hi Doctor. Is hormones the sole cause for Acne?
no they are one of the cause and an important one, other causes can be oileness of skin , bacteria on skin and inflammation or irritation cause by the above two causes , followed by hormones also plays a role

What kind of cream or sunscreen do you suggest for pimple prone skin?
bioderma akn matt is a good sunscreen ,can use a cream containing retinol or deriva bpo cream little every alternate nights

Do pimples are more related to one’s diet?
we have seen that diet high in spicy foods or foods with high glycemic content like rice , fried potatoes and recently diet high in vitamin b12 some reserach suggests can be a cause for acne

This is for my teenager daughter. She is 14yrs. Often prone to pimples at face. What care or treatment do you advise?
tell her to wash face regularly twice a day with a salicylic acid face wash , avoid tpuching the face and use a good sunscreen, avoid overnight hair oiling

Is Lipo body shaping a permanent solution to inch loss? Thanks.
if weight is maintained we have seen the results being stable

How many inches can be lost through lipo body shaping and on what areas?
can do any areas double chin , arma, love handles, tummy, thighs … can lose about 1-2 inch per session but we need a complete check before we start any tretment

What is the age and other criterias for Lipo body shaping?
i just answered above

Good morning Dr. Oberoi. Madam I want to know about Lipo body shaping.How safe is it?
i lipo is a low level diode laser compltely shape but in our clinic we follow a holistic approach to check metabolic disorders follwed by diet and then we ahave to systems the ilipo and the radiofrequency ultrasound for spot reduction

Which type of food to take for ever glowing look?
a diet rich in fruuits and vegetables esp tomatoes , carrots . diet rich in polyphenols like lettuce ,cabbage ,broccli, citrus fruits , nuts,proteions like soyabean or fish ,also flaxseed ,olives. can actually take diet with the type of skin for dry skin evening primrose oil and sunflower oils …

I have heard that karela juice is very good for skin. How true is it?
the juice is high in antioxidants and i have heard of its use in diabetus . for skin we do not actually recommend it but have read of it being useful in acne ,psoriasis,boils but we do not recommend it or have any valid research on it

Is there a treatment to create a permanent glow on face?
a good diet , excercise,sleep and hydration to start with followed by a suncreen and face wash that suits your face , use a glycolic or lactic acid cream at night . a moisturiser depending on your skin type

Please give some tips for oily skin.
use a good sunscreen matt finish like the neutrogena sunscreen followed by a salicylic or benzoyl peroxide face wash , can use a crean containing retinol twice a week at night under medical guidance . for acne add vit a and zinc to diet

What is your advise on the fairness creams available today? I had read in an article that fairness creams contain some harmful chemicals which are really dangerous for skin.
yes that is true most of the fairness creams contain bleaching agents which used in the day and without sunscreen can harm the skin .

I want to get rid of my dark complexion. What is the best way?
what is you skin color? lightning creams with sunscreen can be used followed by peels like phytic acid can be done under medical guidance

Which is the safest method to remove unwanted hair according to you Dr.?
safest is laser hair removal with the right laser for the hair and the operator knowing what he is doing

How much does Laser hair removal treatment cost and how long does it take?
costing depends on the area to be lasered and so does time vary with the area upper lip can cost like 1500 for a session and legs and be upto 15 to 20 k per session and so does the time vary for upper lip 5 mins legs upto 45 min to an hour

Who cannot opt for laser hair removal or on what conditions should one avoid it?
should be used with caution in females with hormonal imbalance,avoid in pregnancy and vitiligo or extremely tanned skin , use the right laser for dark skin type like skin type 6

Can laser hair removal can also be carried out on upper lip area?

What is better to use under the eyes, under eye creams or moisturiser? How many times a day?
moisturiser twice a day, gentle cleanser like bioderma sensibio cleanser , and followed by night cream with retinol,or liquorice

Actually dark circles our in our family genes. So can they permanently treated? How?
i could comment better if i had you pics pls fill in our online form and send pic

Is there any home remedy to treat dark circles?
good sleep,avoid rubbing eyes

Doctor I am 25yrs female with dark circles around eyes.What are the ways of treating them?
if you have deep set eyes it is the architecture of face that can make the dark circles look worse, we can do radiofrequency for dark circle, various light peels and if you have volume loss under the eyes can put a gentle filler. start with a good light cream like melaglow cream

Madam when is complexion analysis suggested?
in our clinic we have this system which compares you to 100 people your age and tells us the surface and below surface changes like uv(sun) damage,lines,bacterial load ,uneven skin,brown spots,deep pigmenation ,uneven texture . it helps us to show the patient why we are recommending the products or treatmnets and how will they benefir them

Is pigmentation on forehead, a normal sign?
no it is not

Should sunscreen be never applied under the eyes? (As mentioned on some sunscreens prescriptions). Why?
some sunscreen contents can irritate the eyes but good brands have no such issues we recommend sunscreen use around the eyes.

How do I know what SPF is right for me? Does it vary as per one’s age group?
spf stands sun protection factor,it basically means the amount of time you can safely stay in sun with getting redness or irritation , anything over a 30 spf is good with the right uva and uvb blockers but it is the amount of sunscreen used and the often application especially in the sun which is the important factor.

What all should I look in a good sunscreen?
a good sun screen should be light ,non comedogenic mmatt with spf of 50+ with bot uva and uvb blockers like titanium di oxide, zinc oxide ,silica,avobenzone,oxybenzone also there is a molecule called uvuinal a ….. but use regulary and apply often is the key

Hello Doctor, Please advise something to avoid sunburn?
a good suncreen with spf of 50 can use la roche posay anthelios, avoid sun , wear covered light cotton clothes, use cap ,umbrella . apply sunscreen every 2 hours when in sun, libreally and avoid sun exposure between 10 to 4 pm

i have dark circle around my eye pl advise treatment?
avoid rubbing eyes ,check your iron levels, use eye drops like refresh eye drops, can use creams containing retinol, vitk or vite . we use a cream called ban a tan with good results

pl advise me some treatment for acne?
use a good home routine of face wash , sunscreen . treatments can do salicylic acid chemical peels or retinol peels also they are lasers that work well on acne

Hi Mam, My daughter is 17 yrs old. Her face skin is oily. She has got lots of pimples & black patches of pimples. I have used lots of home remedies to remove her pimples but there is no improvement. Please advice me what i should do for her pimples.
no home remedies, visit a doctor as she can be left with scars can use saslic as a face wash, followed by sunscreen also a cream deriva bpo but visit a doctor and see that her periods are regular or she could be having a hormonal issue.

I have a dozen TAGS in my forehead, neck, knees etc. which is the best treament for removal of these TAGS and what is the approximate cost for the same.
check your insulin levels, avoid scrubs on face , they can be removed by simple procedure called radiofrequency tag removal cost depends on number of tags about 3000-5000 rs

dr pl recommend name of a facial for dry skin…
suncreen and moisturiser is esssential for dry skin can do a facial that improved hydration like meotherapy or oxygen infusion with vitamins

dr wat facials shd one go for at the age of 45 ? how often?
anti agening facial can do peels like retinol peels or radiofrequency tretmnets also lasers like q switched lasers can be done . once a month for first few treatments followed by maintanence every 6 months or as advised by doctor

dear dr wat shd i apply to get rid of a rough dry patch left below my neck its contact dermatitis.. pl advice dr its not going at was caused by henna.
avoid henna , use a cream called momate f twice for 5 days and stop followed by venusia max moisturiser and can take an antiallergic for 3 days like alaspan

how to remove the black marks??? & how to make skin glow & shine??
use a sunscreen according to skin type , use a glycolic acid containing cream and for marks use a lactic acid containing cream