Sleep disorders ups risk of diabetes, heart disease

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People who struggle to sleep are six times more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease, according to a new research.

It found that the symptoms of diabetes developed after just three days of disrupted sleep, the Daily Mail reported.

The latest findings could help to explain previous research that has shown night shift workers are prone to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The study involving almost 20,000 participants found those with any of four particular variants of the gene were at much greater risk – offering hope of personalised treatments for the condition.

Scientists say the faulty protein, known as MT2, may disrupt the link between our 24 hour, or circadian, rhythms and release of the hormone insulin – leading to abnormal control of blood sugar and, hence, type 2 diabetes.

`Blood sugar control is one of the many processes regulated by the body`s biological clock,` said Professor Philippe Froguel, of Imperial College London.

`This study adds to our understanding of how the gene that carries the blueprint for a key component in the clock can influence people`s risk of diabetes.

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