Smoking may lead to early menopause in women

A new research has suggested that women who smoke may hit menopause at least a year earlier than non-smokers.

It found that smokers had an earlier menopause, between the ages of 43 and 50, compared with women who never smoked, and who hit it between 46 and 51, on average, the Daily Mail reported.

For the latest research, data was pooled from several previous studies that included about 6,000 women in the U.S, Poland, Turkey and Iran. In all but two of the studies analysed, smokers were younger when they hit menopause.

An earlier menopause is associated with a higher risk of developing other health problems, including osteoporosis and heart conditions.

Volodymyr Dvornyk, from the University of Hong Kong, and author of the study, and colleagues also analysed five other studies that grouped women into `early` and `late` menopause using a cut-off age of 50 or 51.

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