Snacks that make you lose weight

Do you feel guilty about eating foods that may not be really good for your weight? You can actually get pleasure from eating healthy snacks. Only, remember to make the right choices so that you are keeping your weight down while having a ball!

Low GI carbs: Refined carbs lack nutrients and are often high in trans and saturated fats that are unhealthy. So, maida cuts and pani puris can be taken off your snacks list straightaway. Tuck into whole grain snacks like baked wheat sev, baked wheat muthia, puffed wheat mandakki or corn chaat to get your dose of good carbs which are essential to prevent heart disease and diabetes. Do remember that eating carbs with lower glycemic indexes like beans, oats, millet, brown rice, corn and barley will raise your blood sugar level slowly so that you are not left craving for more when the food is digested.

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