Soft drinks harmful for bones: Dr. Patil

Dr. Shailendra Patil has years of experience in orthopaedics with hospitals like Fortis, Wockhardt, Kohinoor in Mumbai. He is doing private practice in central Mumbai over the last 4 years.

He is well skilled and trained for hip, shoulder resurfacing surgeries. He has been part of over 2000 joint replacement and 2500 Arthroscopy surgeries. He has been awarded ATLS (Advanced Trauma and life support) certificate in Germany.

Dr Patil answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

What can be the different reasons for fractures besides an accident or fall? Regards.
Weak bones, underlying pathology, osteoporosis.

Is there a chance for a mild bone fracture to heal on its own with time?
Yes, but it depends which bone it is, mode of injury and with expert supervision.

What kind of treatments are available for bone fractures today?
We can make you perfect.

Are soft drinks also harmful for bones?
Yes very much.

What is best form of exercise for a lady who is 55yrs suffering form osteoporosis?
Brisk walking, yoga, swimming.

Is it true that excess calcium intake is harmful for health?
No. In very rare cases like kidney stones.

What are osteoporotic fractures?
Easily Breaking of bones in already weakend bones (Osteoporosis) with trival trauma are Osteoporosis fractures.

What effects does smoking and drinking alcohol have on our bones?
It interrupts calcium metabolism in body and decreases absorption of calcium.

Actually my son is not fond of dairy products. What can I give him instead for healthy growth of bones?
Better take an extra effort to convince him the importance of dairy products. Problem will be solved for life.

I have a son aged 10yrs. How can I help him develop good bone structure from now on?
Outdoor sport activities, one hour daily sun exposure, good healthy diet is recommended..

What is this logic of Vitamin D consumption with calcium? Is it true that calcium is of no use without Vitamin D consumption?
Vitamin D plays a major role in calcium metabolism in the body. Usually calcium is taken in supplementation and Vitamin D has a natural source through sun. In deficiency state both should be combined.

What is your opinion on stretching exercises? Does it help in healthy bones?

Hello doctor. I am male age-37yrs. I have this strange problem. Whenever I sit or sleep in air conditioned room I tend to develop stiffness and slight pain in my joints and back. Why is it so?
Please see a nearby expert. And carry out some investigations to rule out inflammatory arthiritis.

Hello Doctor, While brisk walking on tread mill my lower leg bone/muscles (between knee joint and ankle joint) start paining when I approach speed of about 5.6 km/hr at zero degree angle. Could you please advise me the reason and direction of treatment.
See to it that you are doing the right warm-ups and the calf hamstrings and the quadriceps exercises. I feel 5.6km/hr is more. Please see to it you have proper supervision for this.

My father in law who is 82 yrs old and has been suggested by x ray report Giant cell tumor on right shoulder and Acromioclavicular osteoarthritis CAN THIS BE CANCEROUS ? if operation is needed how emergency is it ? what care should be taken at home
Yes GCT is cancerous. Surgery should be on urgent basis. You need to visit Wockhardt Hospital.

Please give some useful tips for healthy knee joints.
Opt for a high rich calcium diet, regular exercises and regular check ups with Doctors. Avoid cross leg sitting and squatting positions.

Does knee arthroscopic surgery completely treats and cures a knee joint?
It will treat the problem and not the joint.

I sometimes witness pain and stiffness in my right hand finger joints. Any suggestions?
I need more details but please see an expert.

Can you please tell me the warning signs of arthiritis doctor?
Unexplained pain.

Sir I am a male aged 29yrs. I have this habit of cracking my knuckles. Can this cause arthiritis?
No. It normal.

How can premenopausal osteoporosis be prevented?
Correcting hormonal disorders, high rich calcium diet, regular exercises and check ups with Doctors is important.

Dear Doctor, what is premenopausal Osteoporosis?
It is post menopausal Osteoporosis. In females after 45 yrs stopping of menstrual cycle, lots of hormonal changes occurs in the body. In one way it can affect the calcium metabolism and cause Osteoporosis.

How different is shoulder resurfacing surgery from replacement surgery?
Resurfacing is a less tissue damaging, more skilful and expensive.
ghuri: Vegans are more prone to bone disorders. True?

What kind of exercises are best for bones?
30 mins of either Brisk walking or cycling or swimming on daily basis.

My aunt is recovering from a hip surgery. How can we help her to get back to normal life again?
I need to know more details, duration and type of surgery. It will take one month to recover.

Is it that going for a weight loss leads to poor bone density?
To some extent yes. If you are not taking calcium rich diet.

Doctor I want to know about bone density tests.
Its a bone mineral density which gives idea about the strength of your bone. DEXA SCAN or CT BONE DENSITIORY is good tool.

Is joint replacement surgery a lifetime option or does it need to be done again?
A well performed joint replacement can survive for lifetime. In very few cases it may require revision but this might be due to various reasons.

Is joint replacement surgery considered safe or are there any risks involved?
Yes it safe 100 percent. Yes there are risks but if you do in good expert hands and a good hospital the chances of risks are much lesser.

Hello Dr. Shailendra. What is the age limit for joint replacement surgery?
There is no upper age limit. We usually advise the surgery for appropriate patient in age group above 60-65 yrs.

Is caffeine bad for bones? Is 2 cups of coffee or tea a day fine enough for one’s bones or is it harmful?
Yes excessive caffeine is bad for bones as it interrupts the calcium absorption. 2 cups of coffee or tea is fine enough unless you have it in a larger mug.

Can one get osteoporosis even if one does not have a family history of Osteoporosis?

What is your advise on Soymilk as compared to other milk?
For calcium supplementation regular milk is more than sufficient for a normal person.

Can you please specify as to how much calcium should be consumed on per day basis by 30 plus women?
1000 TO 1500mg is advisable especially for ladies. Requirement increases in pregnancy, lactation and post menopause.

Is it true that calcium consumption can also be harmful? If yes then when and how?
No in very rare cases like patients suffering from kidney stones or deranged calcium metabolism.

Dr. I have heard that Vitamin K is also good for bones apart from Vitamin D and calcium. I am 36yrs female. What are the sources for Vit.K?
Cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, olive oil and coloured peppers are good sources.

It is suggested usually that stair climbing is good for health. How many floors or steps are ideal according to you?
As one can tolerate or enjoy climbing!

Why does one feel joint stiffness in winter especially when one wakes up in morning? Any cure for this?
To some extent it is normal. As in cold the muscles and blood vessels constricts and causes stiffness. In the cold you can keep your body warm and regular exercises can cure this.

How can ladies above 40yrs improve their bone health?
Especially after menopause ladies require daily calcium supplements, healthy diet and regular exercise, and regular check-ups with the doctors if any hormonal disorder.

Good afternoon Doctor. I am female aged 40yrs. From childhood I get this crackling sound in my knees whenever I bend them down to sit or pick up something. Is this normal?
If it is happening on normal basis then it is not normal. It could be the sign of early arthiritis. Visit a doctor and proceed further.

How to avoid getting gout? I take Naproxin everytime I get gout and usually clears in about a day or 2
Gout is a protein metabolism related problem so you need to take low protein diet. Cut down on dal, meat and alcohol. And you have to take a proper treatment for Gout.