Store makeup in a cool, dry place: Ruhee M. Bindra

doc_03_240x240_jan16Ruhee M. Bindra is a Celebrity Make-Up and Hair Designer. She has worked with all the ace production houses and celebrities in the Indian film and television industry. Her forte is make up and hair designing for features, reality shows, brand endorsement TVCs, fashion magazine covers, red carpet events and fashion shows.

She has been honoured and nominated at the IIFA Awards for designing make-up and hair for Yash Raj award winning prestigious films like ‘Chak De India’ and ‘Rocket Singh’.

Her client list includes Gauhar Khan, R Madhavan, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Sidhu, Shazahn Padamsee, Tabu, Shraddha Kapoor, Genelia D’Souza, Nisha Rawal, Saina Nehwal, Amy Jackson, Karan Mehra, Tarana Raja and Claudia Ciesla.

Ruhee M. Bindra answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

I want to look like Katrina in Dhoom. Please help me
Well if you are naturally beautiful with good features then you dnt need to look like katrina,You will naturally look better than her:)

How many hours prior to make up can I go for a steam or a facial or a bleach?
Never go for a steam post a facial or a bleach as ur pores are open and your skin is very sensitive..Avoid going for steam 5 days post bleach and facial

does using too much heat on hair damage it?
Yes too much heat is not good for hair do,Use a heat resistant for your hair before using a curling tong n a hair straightener.

Hello Ma’am, Do we need to use a hair spray to set hairstyles? Could you give us ideas on how to style our hair for a night out?
Yes u should use a light hair spray for your hair post a hair do

Hi M’am. How to get natural shine on face with minimal make-up?
Apply a shiny moisturing cream..This will give u a minimal no make up look

Since blue, green, pink are bright colors how can I make them look decent enough on eyes? Should we spread it out with fingers to get the dull and light effect?
Yes smudge it with your fingers or a smudging round brush to give a light smokey eye

I am fair. Can I use a green or blue eyeliner or eye shadow during the day?
Of course you can use green and blue eyeliner during the day..It will stand out infact,Apply a very light pink eyeshadow n then apply the bright color eyeliner.

I have this habit that I perspire a lot even in a normal temperature. So what all should I remember about the kind of make up I use?
Use a waterproof base and compact.

I am planning to visit Kashmir soon for holidays. It is snowing there. What kind of make-up is advised in cold climate?
You should avoid using a base in a snowy place..Use loads of sunscreen instead this will protect your skin from tanning and developing pigments and it will make you look fairer so it looks like you have applied a base

Madam I want to pursue make-up and hair as a career. Can u pls guide me. I stay in Kolkatta.
Pls do a course from Lakme,L’oreal,Tony and guy,Fat mu or Bharat and dorris make up and hair academy..You can check on the net if they have branches in kolkatta as well

Is it necessary to comb our hair before going to sleep and before going for hair wash?
Yes it is very essential to brush your hair once before going to bed and before going for a hair wash..This will prevent it from tangling and breaking.

What is better for hair a comb or a brush?
A wooden paddle brush or a wide tooth comb is the safest for hair.

I have natural curly hair. Can I use hair iron everyday to straighten them?
You can spray a frizz free serum blow dry your hair 1st and then use a straigthner.

I have fine, thin, wavy hair. What hair-do can I follow for special occasions?
You should always scrunch your hair with a volume mousse and water,dry it with a diffuser it..this will give you nice volume n body to your hair.

I am a fair girl. What kind of lipsticks and blush must I use for my skin?
Go for bright scarlet,bright orange,fuschia pink,maroon,burgundy or a dark gold lip color.

Is it necessary that one should one take an expert’s advise to decide on the make-up according one’s skin tone?
You dnt need to take a make up experts advice before buying your foundation..You just need to apply the base on the back of your wrist and check if the foundation matches with your skin tone..Keep in mind your base has to match n smudge into your skin not look lighter than your skin.

I am an air hostess so have to work in shifts. I like light make-up. How can I keep my make-up simple yet appealing especially during early mornings?
Use a bb cream and a studio fix and quickly swap a light matte eyeshadow,followed by an copper/brown/grey eyeliner n smudge it into a smokey eye,mascara,kohl inside the eyes,then apply a peach/coral shimmery blush followed by a bright red lipstick.

Your suggestions for the storage of make-up cosmetics.
Try to store your lipsticks in a refrigerator in summers.This will prevent it from melting..Store all your make up in a dry n cool place.

Good afternoon Ms. Bindra. Please share some tips for day and night party make up.
For a day make up one must wear minimal base,light eye shadow,light and thin liquid eyeliner,kohl,light mascara,blush and light matte lipstick whereas at night you can wear bright lipsticks,vibrant gold eye shadows,heavy volume mascara,smokey eyes,gold/bronze blush n shimmer mineraliser powder.

What colored eye make up should be used for work or office? Should the colors vary for indoor and outdoor?
matte Neutral brown,beige,nude cream,light pink and peach eye shadow for office indoor and creamy pink,peach,light gold dust eye shadows must be worn when outdoors.

Is it better to put the eyeliner first or the eye shadow?
Eye shadow has to be applied before the eyeliner,followed by a mascara.

Ruhee ji I want your suggestion as to how should I apply a liquid eyeliner above my eyes?What is the right method?
You can go for a lakme absolute liquid eyeliner which has a fine brush which is easy to apply or you can go for a cake,gel eye liner and a thin eyeliner hard brush or a sketch pen eye liner..All are equally easy to apply.

How to get rid of puffy eyes through make-up?
For puffy eyes rub ice under the eyes,then apply a puffy free cream n then start applying your foundation and powder it well.

Madam I am very fond of eyeshadows. Please tell me the advisable eye shadow colors for daytime and night time.
Go for a matte light eye shadow shades like neutral pink,peach,brick color for the day and a bright/dark creamy,shimmery,smokey,glittery eyes shadow for the night.

what is the minimum make-up one should wear for office daily?
Moisturize your face,Apply a studio fix all over your face n then begin defining your eyebrows with a light brown eyebrow powder,Followed by a natural coco brown eyeshadow,a smokey brown eyeliner,with a dark brown kohl pencil,a brown mascara,beige color blush,And a natural nude lip gloss.

I like to experiment with my hair look every now and then. How and where should I take guidance for my haircut suggestions?
Why dont you log on to you-tube self hair cut an style tutorials and pick up different hair cuts for yourself as per your face cut Or you can go to a known salon for your hair cut as they will be well updated with the latest trendy haircuts..You can shortlist the haircuts for your face type with the help of a hairstylist and go for the haircut that will suit you.

I have dark lips… what color lipstick you would suggest…
Apply a foundation over your lips 1st then define it with a petal pink or a nude coffee lip definer and apply a maroon shade,peach or a mauve shade lipstick on your lips.

How to clean make-up brushes? and how often should one clean them? Is there a difference in washing the foundation brush and the eyeshadow brush
Soak your brushes overnight in a tub of johnsons baby shampoo and rinse it off in the morning or soak your brushes in a mac brush cleanser liquid and rinse it in the morning.

I am getting married… Wat are the must buy make up items and which brand.
You should buy a foundation,Translucent powder of your skin shade,A eyes shadow palette with basic day colors n bright golds,greys,browns,peach n pink for the night.A cake eyeliner,A heavy volume mascara,A coal black kohl pencil.A creamy Pink/Peach/Gold Blush,Bright lip shades like scarlet red,bright orange.maroon,hot pink.

whats the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream.. Which is better
BB and CC cream is a blend of liquid foundation with shimmery moisturizing and sunscreen cream.

I have larger than normal lips. What type and color of make up do you suggest for this?
You shouldn’t go for a bright lipstick shade like red,burgandey,maroon, hot pink lipstick,apply base foundation over the lips and then apply a light lipstick shade like peach,beige,nude brown lip gloss.

hii.. which brand of makeup remover do you advice?
Mac,Neutroegena,Nivea and kara make up wipes are the best..Try and apply johnson’s baby oil and then wipe off your make up with any of these wipes.

Hii… Does washing hair daily increase dandruff…
Washing your hair daily will keep your scalp dandruff free instead ..If you use a moisturized aloe vera shampoo and conditioner and a serum in the end..You will never have a dry itchy scalp or a dandruff issue.

hii… My hair is thin and straight, so hairstyles does not stay on my hair… wat can I do
You should blow dry your hair and flip down ur head scrunch ur hair with a heavy volume mousse and a dash of a hair serum n then apply it all over scrunching your hair..This will give u the volume n an unkempt look.

I am 37yr female. I want to try perming my hair. Is perming safe enough?
Perming is not safe if you have very dry hair,instead you should go for a natural wavy or curls..Perming will lead to severe hair fall in future and it will dry ur scalp n hair shaft..If you have very thick hair you can do it once,But make sure you get it done from a known salon and a safe ammonia free brand.

Does leaving hair open lead to more hairfall?
No its a myth. On the contrary tying your hair tightly will lead to hair fall n hair breakage.

Which is better on a darker skin – Blush or bronzer…crop1_240x240_17jan14
For darker skin bronzer works better. Gives you a sun-kiss look.

What is your advise Madam on hair color? Can everyone use it?
Always go for a neutral hair color like coffee brown,light brown or a burgandey color,If you are open to try funky colors you can go for a global caramel n honey shade with few tints of raspberry,blue or green color.

I am 34yr working woman. I have shoulder length hair. I am always confused with my hairstyle to office. Any advise?
For a shoulder length hair you must have a round face.If you have an oval or a long face type then u should go for a shorter hair cut,like a blunt cut,which is short from the front n little longer at the back.

Should false eyelashes be used only for a particular time? How frequent can it be used?
False lashes should be used for parties,weddings,or a reception,If you want to use it in the day you should go for a feather light false eye lashes.

How safe is it for eyes to use false eyelashes?
False lashes are very safe to apply,Provided they are picked up from a good brand.

Madam I have this strange problem that whenever I apply a mascara I get a headache. What is the alternate to mascara?
Apply castor oil with a mascara brush or a transparent mascara if you cnt handle the heavy mascara.

Hi, Is it necessary to apply a moisturizer before make-up?
Yes its very important to apply a moisturizer before make up.

What is the right age group and what is the right time of the day when one should use a red lipstick?
After 18 is the best to go for a lipstick under 18 girls can go for a lip stain,a lip tint or a lip gloss only,Red lipsticks look the best when applied at night out.

What should be used in make-up to help minimize wrinkles?
Apply a wrinkle free uplifting cream before starting your make up n go for a wrinkle free make up foundation and firming powder.

M’am can you please suggest something for covering up the dark circles below eyes?
conceal your dark circles with a concealer matching with your complexion,apply an under eye cream n leave it overnight.

How important is it to use foundation? How does it work?
A foundation is only used for an uneven n pigmented complexion,If you have a flawless complexion u can just moisturise your skin and powder your face with a translucent loose powder.

What make-up colors are the best for dark complexion?
The best make up colors for dark complexions are honey,caramel n earth brown shades.

Is it advisable to use the same color pencil for eyes and lips?
No u shouldn’t use the same colored pencil for the eyes,for eyes always for for an eye pencil.

Is it true that applying kajal everyday helps to make eyes little bigger?
no this is a complete myth,using kajal will make your eyes look smaller if you have small eyes u should avoid kajal,If you want your eyes to look bigger.

What should I keep in mind before buying an eyeliner?
If u need an eyeliner for work then u must go for a matte waterproof eyeliner,And if you are looking out for an eyeliner for a party then u should go for a liquid shimmery velvet eyeliner and always go for a known brand coz u wont develop an eye infection,eyeliners don’t suit everyone.

What is a primer? Is it necessary to use primer while applying makeup?
Mac primer is the best primer..Oh yes the 1st step of make up has to be a moisturiser followed by a primer.

How does one achieve a smokey eye look? And what kind of lipstick should be paired with a smokey eye?
smokey eyes can be achieved with creamy grey n coal black powder eye shadow followed by a cake jet black eyeliner n a heavy high volume mascara,with jet black kohl pencil,smokey eyes goes hand in hand with nude glossy lips.

Could you give us some tips on wearing makeup to work?
while going to work,Your make up has to be very light and minimal,Use a bb or a cc cream followed by a studio fix,lightly done eyebrows,peach cream eye shadow,eye liner a kohl pencil,A mascara,peach blush n a peach lip gloss.

How does one select the perfect foundation in terms of color? I always pick a shade lighter or darker than my skin tone.
One has to select a foundation according to their skin shade,The foundation and powder has to be matched up with their skin tone.

I have a round face and would like to know how to contour and highlight my face
Round faced people must always contour their jawline zone,their cheek bone area n their forehead with a natural brown shade.

Is removal of makeup at night necessary or will washing the face be sufficient?
The make up has to be wiped off with make up removing wet tissues like mac make up wipes or a mac make up removing oil n then followed by a face wash n moisturiser.

Which type of complexion should go for matte finish and which type of complexion for glossy finish in any type of make-up?
An oily or combination skin type must always go for a matte concealer n powder n an a person with a dry complexion must go fore a liquid base foundation n a shimmery powder for a perfect finish.

What is the right way or method to apply a lipstick?
the first step before defining your lips is applying a lip balm,then dabbing it with a tissue,then defining it with a natural pink lipstick n then staining your lips with a lip tint followed by a gloss,if you wear a matte lip stick then dnt apply a gloss,n if you are going for a glossy lipstick u can apply a gloss.

please advise, what coloured lipstick should be chosen by fair as well as dark complexioned women?
fair colored complexion should always go for brighter colored lipstick shades n wheatish colored complexion must always go for lighter shades like beige,nude,peach,petting pink light brown shades.

Madam I am very fond of lipsticks. What all should I look for in a good lipstick?
firstly look for a color that suits ur complexion always,if you have a fair skin u should go for a bright scarlet red,hot pink,bright orange,or a maroon color liupstrick n a lip gloss but if u have wheatish color complexion make sure u go for lighter shades like a coral lipstick or a petal pink lipstick.also make sure u go for a known lipstick brand that suits ur lips.