Strength training helps tone body: Vinod Channa

vin01_240x240_feb17Vinod Channa is a Mumbai based Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. He is often called upon by popular celebrities, world class atheletes and active business professionals for his expertise in weight loss management, general fitness, functional strength training, corrective exercise, sports performance training, nutrition and body sculpt. He has won a gold medal in Mr Mumbai in 2008.

Vinod’s clientele list include many Bollywood celebrities like Ritesh Deshmukh, John Abraham, Sohail Khan, Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Raj Kundra and many more as well as leading businessmen like Vikas Behal, Ajgaonkar Builders and Kiran Kulkarni.

Vinod Channa answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

what i do to get rid of my tummy , i cannot exercise, since i have a lower back problem (L4,L5 disc bulge) , but i do walking regularly . But i see no changes much . do i have to control on any particular food
You need to follow a strict diet. First concentrate on hip , inner and outer thigh, and core. That will give you strength to go for fat loss workout. You can write to me at

I am going to be 40yrs now, and struggling to lose weight around my tummy which is so stubborn that its doesn’t leave me. Pls help to lose weight
First you need to follow a strict low calorie diet and a combination of weight training and cardio will help you to lose weight.

is jogging & cycling enough for exercise?
No its a one part of fitness. Add weight training or body weight exercises.

what food i take after exercises?
Egg and sweet potato within 30 mins after finishing workout.

what type of food is required to be taken for fitness?
Protein, carbohydrates, fibres and essential fat in right combination to increase the intensity.

is yoga good for health?
Of course it is not only good but also beyond fitness.

Please advice exercise for removal of double chin
Double chin is your store point . It will lose at end. Just work on intensity workout and low calorie diet.

Is yogic exercises the best form of cool downs? How mins of cool down should one follow after any exercise activity?
Yes. It depends on the intensity of workouts. But minimum 20 mins are advised.

And is cool down exercise also necessary after any kind of sport activity?
Yes cool down exercise means static stretching which will improve your flexibility that will help you perform better and recover fast.

What kind of warm-ups are best for health?
Dynamic warm up like rotation, jumping, rolling, jogging are the best warm ups.

What is your advise to enhance one’s joint health especially arms?
There are different types of exercises for this. Before going for that take an expert’s advise and then go for strengthening workout.

Can playing sports like badminton everyday for 20-25mins serve alone as a medium of workout for fitness?
Its a cardio workout. Just a part of fitness not a total workout.

My parents are aged 69yrs and 67yrs respectively. What are your fitness suggestions for them?
They must need to do workout to gain muscle which they lose because of age.

My sister-in-law has delivered a baby one month back. Which exercise do you suggest for her to lose the post pregnancy weight?
After post pregnancy core, knee, other joints as are weak so strengthen that and then increase the intensity workout.

How to sustain my ideal weight?
With proper diet, a low calorie diet and regular workout.

How effective is kick boxing?
Its a form of agility and cardio workout. Weight training is more effective for fat loss.

Can Yoga be continued with other forms exercises like weight training, aerobics or kick boxing?
Yes just keep separate timings for yoga.

Vinodji I am 27yrs female practising yoga from last 5 yrs. I have gained around 8kgs lately due to diet ignorance. Can I lose weight only by yoga or I need to go for weight training?
Different trainings has different benefits. Yoga is for flexibility and mental peace. Combine it with weight training and cardio and you will lose faster.

How can one achieve a flat abdomen through exercise?
Everyone can achieve their target with right selection of exercise and low calorie diet.

Can you share how John Abraham has achieved such a great body?
He is following good diet and exercise regime. And always follows the advise of the trainer and no binging!
How many pounds or kgs should ideally be lost by males and by females per week?
Beginning we lose faster and after that 2-3 kgs a month is advisable.

Can jogging everyday for 20mins and cutting down on calorie intake help in weight loss?
Ofcourse yes. But be careful as you might lose toning so combine it with weight training.

Can both males and females opt for body sculpting?

What is body sculpting Sir?
People are using different names. It means losing fat and getting the body into shape with proper diet and exercise.

Do personal trainers also provide diet plans or is it only related to work-outs?
Dieticians actually provide diet plans.

When should one opt for a personal trainer?
For beginners it is a must as this is the time you need proper guidance and care while working out.

Sir I have never exercised. I am 24yrs female. Can I start exercising in group classes?
Prefer personal training in beginning to strengthen and avoid injuries.

Can I lose weight at 40yrs only by exercising or diet control is also required?
Always both are connected. You need both.

What all should be kept in mind to lose weight post 30yrs of age?
If you do not have any medical history and you are not overweight gradually increase the intensity of workout and adapt to healthy eating habits.

How to lose fat around obliques? I am a female aged 40yrs.
There is no spot therapy in workout. Select the bigger muscle where you can lose more calories like chest, back and legs.

Can one lose fat without losing weight?
Yes, but you need to follow a proper diet for the same.

How to increase flexibility of the body?
There is different stretchings like dynamic and static stretching which helps you to increase flexibility

How does stretching help in losing weight?
Stretching increases your range of motion that will help you to perform better. And workout intensity will increase.

How much weight is actually ideal to be lost in a month for females?
It depends if you don’t have any medical issue and your intensity of workout is good you can lose 3-4kgs a month.

I am a housewife aged 30yrs. What exercise should I follow to lose lower body weight?
There are different types of exercises. For beginning go for all body parts to strengthen yourself and then increase the intensity.

I am 26yrs female, height 5ft 5″. What should be my ideal weight?
There will be body frame like small, medium and bigger. According to your medium frame, weight should be 50-53 kgs.

Please suggest some exercise to strengthen knees.

I tend to get tired and fatigued out easily. Can this be controlled through exercise? How?
This will be controlled by exercise and diet and not diet alone.

Which is the best form of exercise for females?
They must do legs workout that will help them to lose faster fat.

Is brisk walking helpful in losing weight? If yes then how many mins are advised?
You can burn calories with any kind of exercises. But selection should be that way you can burn more calories in a short time like weight training and cardio in a mix n match.

I am a 26yrs working female. Do not get time to go to gym. Which is the best form of exercise for me which could be done without going to the gym?
There are lot of freehand body weight exercises like skipping, different types of push-ups, free squats and a lot of freehand exercises like cross-fit training and functional training.

Is it true that weight training once started has to be followed for a lifetime or it tends to create some health problems like muscle pain,etc.?
Absolutely wrong.

What kind of diet should be followed during strength training?
We need good amount of protein to recover muscle and a balanced diet.

What are the benefits of strength training?
You gain muscle with strength training. Muscle gives you shape, toning and strength as well as bone density.

Hello Vinod, Is strength training only about weight training?
Strength training is normal weight training like dumbells, bars. Second is body weight training where you lift more heavier weight without knowing and because of high intensity you burn more calories.

My height 5.1 ” female and west line 38″ want to reduce to 30″ , from last 1 month doing light exercises. what exercises for lower abs and thighs should I do .
Selection of work out is very important for fat loss. First go on a strict diet. Gradually increase the intensity of workout. Select legs and back muscle to lose faster weight. After weight do 30mins cardio.

Hello Sir, My name is rekha joshi age 35, height 4.10 and weight 50. I want to know few tips to reduce belly fat as my waist is 35 inches. Thanks a lot
Hi Rekha. Select big muscles where you burn more calories in short time. Don’t waste your time on ab crunches. Go for a very strict low calorie diet which gives you benefits.