Sun Facts, Only For You

Imagine having a great day at work or a fun-filled vacation of which you enjoyed every moment. Only, to hear a different story from your skin, when you return.

A skin tan means deep skin damage – most of which is not even visible to the eye. Harmful UV rays penetrate your skin’s deepest layers and attack the skin cells, resulting in long term damage in the form of sun spots, pigmentation and age lines.

However, this damage varies from person to person depending on their lifestyle. Some of us are exposed to the sun more than the rest. Which is why it’s necessary to choose a sunscreen with an SPF rating suited to your lifestyle.

The working woman
From the time you step out of your home till the time your work ends, you are exposed to the sun’s rays in one way or the other. It doesn’t really matter if you are working in a fully air-conditioned organization or sweating it out in the sun, because staying indoors may save you from getting a tan, but not from the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating into your skin. Get smart, use sunscreen every day.
Our recommendation:
SPF 24 PA++ OR SPF 30 PA+

The frequent traveler
Does your work involve a lot of travelling? Or do you simply travel for the love of it? In either case, make sure sunscreen becomes a permanent part of your travel kit. Be very liberal with your sunscreen around sand, water or snow; these elements intensify UV rays. Cover all exposed skin, from the tips of your ears to the tips of your toes.
Our recommendation:
SPF30 PA++ OR SPF 50 PA+++

On a vacation
Whether you’re taking off on a long, exotic holiday or simply taking a break for a few days at a hill station closer home, keep your sunscreen handy. Sun spots and wrinkles are the last thing you want after you return from a refreshing break. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘safe tan’. A tan, no matter how light, is a sign of deep skin damage and must be tended to.
Our recommendation:
SPF 30 PA++

The sports lover
If you are an athlete or simply love a game in the sun, it’s a must for you to carry sunscreen at all times. Since you’re outdoors for long periods of time, your skin stays exposed to the sun longer than others – which can lead to long term damage, including cancer, if you’re careless with skin care.  Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin at least 20 minutes before going outside to allow it time to ‘soak’ in and offer the best protection. Be sure to get all the easily-missed areas like behind ears and knees, as well as below your waist band. Apply a little extra on the nose and forearms, which get the most exposure. Re-apply every two to three hours, regardless of SPF.
Our recommendation:
SPF50 PA+++

The beach lover
Who doesn’t love the beach? Truth be told, a beach is one of the best places to relax and rewind at.  Be smart and don’t let the sun spoil your party.  Keep applying a high SPF sunscreen every few hours or every time you go swimming. That the sun’s UV rays are the strongest near water bodies is a well known fact. So be generous with the amount of sunscreen you use. Your skin will be thankful for it.
Our recommendation:
SPF50 PA+++

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