Suryanamaskar helps in weight loss: Yogacharya Sandeep

Yogacharya Sandeep, a yoga instructor and a yoga psychologist, is from Bihar Yoga Bharathi, a yoga educational institution, dedicated to the study and practice of yoga, in the gurukul tradition.

He has developed specific corporate training programs to meet the requirements of the modern professionals, customised modules for schools and also personal training programs. A few modules are on stress management, improving productivity, managing work life balance, healing spondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, managing acidity etc.

Yogacharya Sandeep answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

How many times kapalbhati can be done.

First of all why are you opting for Kapalbhati? Are you inspired or do you really need it? Kapalbhati is a heating pranayama which boosts up the blood circulative system and thereby you experience extreme heat in the body, and you are not aware your body can withstand this amount of heat.So my advice would be not to opt for Kapalbhati without expert guidance. All the best!! : )

With busy corporate life what yoga training you suggest for me.

I have been a corporate trainer since 13 yrs. You can visit my site You can practice Tadasana for good results.

Is it ok to do paryanam before yogaasana.

What do you see first? Body or breath. You will get the answer. So its not OK.

please suggest some asana for me .

Suryanamaskar and yognidra

How much times i do yoga daily one hour or two hour

24 mins is enough!!

I would like to know how yoga can help in depression.

I need to see the case history and the lifestyle before commenting, but it certainly helps.

I have heard that anulom-vilom is very good for health. Does it also help in fat loss? Please advise on the frequency and duration.

Please consult an expert or write to me at so that I can guide you in a better way.

Is Kapalbhati done only on empty stomach?

Of course it is done on empty stomach. But why you want to go for kapalbhati? You have to know the right method of Kapalbhati and also whether it is suited for your body. Don’t get influenced by what you see outside.

I am 27yrs female. I want to start doing Kapalbhati.What is the right way to do it?

Please don’t do it without mastering the basics.

And my grandmother is 68yrs. What type of yoga is best for her? She is quite active.

She needs to practice the basics. Pawanmuktasana-part1, brahmari prananyama and yognidra meditation with mantra chanting.

I am a male and have a digestive problem. What asanas can I do to improve my digestive system?

Pawanmuktasna-part2 which works for abdomen digestive system

What are the best asanas he can do to increase his height? Thanks.

Tadasana, tiryak tadasana and surya namaskars

My son is 7yrs. We are worried about his height as both his parents are below an average height.Can he start with yoga?

Why not? But under expert guidance.

What is the right age for a child to begin with Yoga?

Between 6-8yrs.

How good is Suryanamaskar for weight loss?

Very good! Depends on who is teaching you and with what approach.

How many times a week should one do Suryanamaskars? Is everyday OK?


How many counts of suryanamaskars should one do initially?


Is practicing yoga twice a week enough and result oriented? Regards, Jahangir


I also perspire a lot. Is it due to high blood pressure.I am controlling my salt intake. Can yoga help to reduce perspiration?

You need to learn Sathkarma from an expert. It will really help you a lot.

Advise some yogic exercises to feel energetic.I am a working male36yrs who feels very tired now days due to my hectic lifestyle.

Are you hyper by nature? Suryanamaskars will help you a lot. Start with 12 rounds per day.

Should I combine yoga with weight training or yoga alone can help in weight gain?

Not necessary!

Also please give some tips on the diet with the yogasanas suggested by you for weight gain.

You can have banana and then have one glass of lukewarm water.You can have buffalo milk and add ghee in every meal.

Please name some yogasanas that can help me to gain weight.

You need diet advise also. Relaxing and static practices will help you. Yognidra will be helpful and even Pawanmuktasana part-2

I am a male aged 24yrs,height 5ft 9inches, weight 52 kgs. Can yoga help me to gain weight?

100 percent with right kind of guidance by an expert Yoga teacher.

Can Pranayama also help to control BP? Thank you.

Pranayama supports to have a healthy BP. But don’t practice heating Pranayama. Only practice balancing, cooling and tranquilising prananyama.

I also want to know about Ujjayi Pranayama for Diabetes. Is it difficult to do it without supervision?

Why do you need to practice Ujjayi when simpler forms are available. First master the simpler techniques then opt for Ujjayi under guidance.

Is Pranayama all about breathing?

No! Beyond that. Pranayama is the extension of your vital energy.

What are the benefits of Pranayama?

It increases the oxygen level in the body and enhances the vitality of the body.

Hello, I want to know the right technique of doing pranayama.

This can be practiced only under expert guidance. The right technique can only be demonstrated. Never practice pranayama straight away.

I have heard that reciting Om for 5 mins before yoga enhances the performance of yogasanas. How true is it?

Its true!

Is it true that being a vegetarian helps in Yoga results?

That is the biggest myth. I do not believe in it. Otherwise no south africans would practice yoga.

I jog for 2 hrs every morning.Should I do yoga immediately after jogging or can also do it in the evening before dinner?

Both are possible. But take some rest after jogging if you do yoga.

Can you suggest some yogasanas that can be done by an athlete?

Suryanamaskars will help to increase flexibilty, pranayama and yognidra is also good.

I am 22 yrs male athlete. How can yoga help to increase my endurance power?

You need to work on your hemispheric balance as an athelete for better performance. Meditation is also required.

My son is 9 yrs old . He is obese and Has poor attention in his studies.kindly suggest a healthy diet and exercise.

Suryanamaskar, Brahmari Pranayam and recitation of Gayatri mantra. Naadi shodhan pranayama is also good for balancing the hemisphere. But please do all this under expert supervision.

1. I would like to know how effective is yoga in the treatment of depression and mood disorder.
2. I get cold frequently. The problem starts with acute sore throat which is very often followed by fever. Please let me know how yoga can help.

I need to know more about your depression problem. Expectation is the root cause for any kind of depression or mood disorder. You need to have a right guidance for the same. Write to me on for further guidance. Your body is susceptible to cold. I need to see the medical report of your cold disorder before suggesting anything.

Is it necessary to be empty stomach while practicing yoga for best results?


Is the early morning time the best time to practise Yoga? I am a working married woman who does not get enough free time in the mornings.

Yes it is the best time in the mornings to practice yoga. But you can also incorporate yoga in each and every activity of your life.Split it into various parts throughout the day. Its just not 1 hr practice. Its an art of living where you feel the gap.

How does Yogasanas help in fat burning or calorie loss since it is not a rigorious form of exercise?

Alone Yoga will not help you. Diet control is also important. There are 2 types of fat Omega3 & Omega6. Omega3 is good fat whereas Omega6 is bad fat.

How is yoga different from stretching or any other forms of exercise?

It is very simple. If you practicing like a machine then you are not practicing yoga and if the awareness faculty is present with observation then you are doing Yogasana or it is just any other exercise.

Can you please name some basic yogasanas to get rid of shoulder stiffness?

Shoulder rotations, tadasana, greevesanchalana. Number of repitions can be guided by the master.

Does Yoga help to improve flexibilty? How?

Ofcourse it helps! Practice Satyananda yoga-series PM 1.

How do I decide on a good Yoga tutor or what should I look for in a good yoga teacher?

You must see the person has 3 qualities as to what he thinks, what he feels and what he practices.You must check for his/her qualifications and experience. Go for a trial session before you actually begin. Then ask your heart and your heart shall direct you!

I am 44yrs old male. I am not flexible. I want to start doing yoga. Can I?

You can Ofcourse! Write to me on for further guidance.

My male cousin is 126kgs with 6ft height. Can yoga alone can help him to lose the desired weight? Thanks

No! He needs a proper personal advice which can guide him to the right dimension by lifestyle changes.

How much weight loss can be achieved by practicing Yoga? I s it advised also for obesity?

Apart from yoga Diet control is also important for weight loss. Change of lifestyle is important.

How are Power Yoga and Iyengar yoga different from each other?

There is nothing called Power Yoga or Iyengar. Its just a brand’s name. Power yoga is nothing but abusing your body according to me. You can practice Iyengar yoga ofcourse!

I want to begin with Yoga. Which is the best form of Yoga to begin with? I am 23 yrs female.

Satyananda Yoga because it deals with all the aspects of the body.

I have heard that pregnant women should practise floor yoga, that is, the yogasanas done lying on floor. is it true?

No, not at all.

Good afternoon Mr.Sandeep, I am a female aged 30yrs and 5 weeks pregnant. Can I practice yoga under supervision?

It depends whether you have been practicing yoga earlier or not. Please consult an expert personally before you begin.