`Switch to olive oil for better health`

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Indian households should completely switch to olive oil as a cooking medium as its nutritional value is very high, it is rich in monounsaturated `good` fats and, when used daily, can bring instant and easy wellness to a family`s diet, celebrity chef and noted cookery expert Nita Mehta says.

`Even though we have such a wide range of olive oils in our market, people don`t seem to use them because of their mental block that the flavor of olive oil doesn`t gel with Indian flavors,` Mehta said at the launch here of her latest book, `Indian Cooking With Olive Oil`.

5 reasons to include olive oil in your diet

`This is, in fact, a misconception because there is a grade known as olive pomace oil which is neutral in taste and so does not affect the spices and flavouring that Indian cooking is all about,` she added.

`Moreover, olive pomace oil is resistant to heat for long periods of time, so this is the grade to use when we need to cook masalas for long as the other olive grades do not have a very high smoking point and so `break` and ruin the taste of food. Olive pomace oil gels well with tandoori dishes as well as curries. Paranthas and biryanis cooked in olive oil are mouth watering. Even frying in olive pomace oil gives crisp, non-oily food,` Mehta noted.

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