Tackling osteoporosis with nutrition

Maintaining your calcium intake is the number one dietary factor in the fight against osteoporosis. As well as dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt, other good sources of calcium are:

Fish: sardines, whitebait, pilchards
Green leafy vegetables: watercress, okra, spinach
Other foods: sesame seeds, tofu, dried figs

It is recommended that you do not exceed 2,000-2,500mg of calcium daily, as too high an intake can interfere with iron absorption. The current recommended daily intake is 800mg per day, which ideally should come from foods rather than by supplementation. Focusing on obtaining your calcium from natural sources also ensures that you are eating a wide range of different foods for a balanced nutrition plan.

Research indicates that reducing your salt intake could delay the onset of osteoporosis. A high salt intake can raise blood pressure, which in turn speeds up the body’s loss of calcium, leading to osteoporosis. Try to keep your salt intake to less than six grams per day.

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