Tea and coffee raises blood pressure: Dr. Tripathi

1-240x240-13marDr. Tripathi is one of the most prominent leaders in the field of holistic health and stress management. After his MBBS, Dr. Tripathi has pursued a Professional Diploma in Diabetes Management, an Advanced Diploma in Yoga & Ayurveda. He is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner.

He has helped hundreds of people lose weight, get rid of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid medications through natural changes in habits related to food, exercise and positivity. Over 1000 diabetics (including 200 who were on Insulin and 800 on medicines) are completely free. Dr. Pramod Tripathi intends to get over 10000 diabetics to become completely free of insulin and medications by end of 2015.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Does Diabetes-1 often mature to Diabetes-2?

Hey dr I want to know this for my friend’s dad who has diabetes-1. Pl mention how to monitor the developing complications related to diabetes-1?
just check if its type 1 or type 2….in elderly it is type 2

Is it more healthy to have sweets in form of fruits? What about sugarcane juice?
fruits with fiber is better sometimes if really exhausted/ active …can have juices

Is it advisable to have 2-3 days without rice/ sugar/ sweets in a week for better health?
sweets/ sugar …yes brown rice you can have everyday

hi Sir, I am a normal female age- 42yrs, always trying to keep a check on my health. How should a normal person keep a check on his blood sugar levels?
do hba1c once a year

What other health complications can occur due to to thyroid problem?
its too many…from energy level, temperature regulation, obesity, sexual hormones malfunction, bone related issues

How can my sister lose weight gained through thyroid? pl guide
first normalize thyroid…with tablets…otherwise will be difficult

Mr. Tripathi pl tell me how do you treat ppl with thyroid?
remove all hormone altering food like milk/ milk products chew one tsp of whole dhania seeds after brushing teeth

Is one’s disturbed sleep also linked to one’s food habits?

Do thin people have a lower risk to get diabetes?
yes…for type 2

Please share your tips to reduce stress?
mentioend in earlier chat

Is yoga the best exercise to prevent diabetes?

Hi Dr Pramod How can I help my kids who are so stressed out due to examinations?
yes it is a tough thing now a days but are you also stressed? you cant help them till you help yourself

Pls share something to boost our immune system?
chlorophyll….through smoothies

Does tea or coffee cause high blood pressure?
it does raise BP

What other change besides food are required to normalise one’s blood pressure?

idael diet for 59 yrs old male sugar patient who takes medicines for sugar and colestrol
have mentioned in other chats…can you see them?

my sugar level was 120–fasting and 160 pp. but in last 3 months of winter my level has shot up–176pp and 275 pp and Hb1c–8.75%. why is it so. i take normal punjabi diet. my weight is 77 kg. i hv high colestrol also and i take allopathic medicines
this will keep happening till you don’t reverse the cause THE CAUSES ARE: HIGH FAT (waist beyond 32 inches) HIGH ACID LOW MICRONUTRITION

Is type 1 reversible through yoga?

1) I m diagnosed as type 1 diabetic on sep 2007.I m on insulin ever since then.I have gone through the details of Dr.Tripathi. Now I am 42 years old. Can I get rid of insulin sir .Please reply
if its type 1 chances are less…have you done islet cell antibody test, c peptide and gaba antibody test…. at age of 37 type 1 is not common…so just check it first

Doctor my weight is 92 kgs and not reducing despite reducing food and doing exercise. it was mentioned about fatty liver. Please suggest some remedy in this regard.
need to find the cause … is it leptin resistance, hypothyroid, vit d deficiency ?

I have been diagnosed as having diabetes recently. However my knuckles are becoming darker day by day. How to prevent knuckles getting dark. I am taking tablets morning and evening of diabtes.
increase micronutrition…natural food…raw food minimum 25% daily,,,smoothies, chutneys…. to get a thorough understanding attend FREEDOM FROM DIABETES…. MEGA FOUNDATION PROGRAM in Mumbai on 7th or 8th March… details on www.freedomfromdiabetes.org

What is better to have after food, lukewarm water or normal water for better digestion?
very little water…either ok

Human body tends to feel tired and fatigued out also when it produces more toxins. True?

I get tired very easily. I am 47yrs male.I am keeping a check on my diet. Is there anything else I should do?
check vit b12 and vit d3 levels

Also please suggest some lower sugar options for diabetics?Thanks

Are lifestyle changes a key to diabetes control?

Which is the best treatment according to you for Diabetes 2?
without any medicine…naturally

Is there an ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes 2?

What should be the right proportion of salt, sugar and oil for diabetics as well for normal ppl for good health- on daily basis?
oil…for obese / overweight diabetics- 2 tsp or less refined sugar…zero spoons salt…as per taste for others…3-5 tsp of oil, 2 tsp of sugar

I have learnt that stress also lead to weight gain.Why and how does this happen?
increase in stress hormones block insulin receptors…sugars rise ..excess sugar is converted to cholesterol

Are there some foods that relieve from stress?
if the origin of stress is in hurt, anger, sadness…any food will just be a temporary positive hormone creator…work with the issue directly

How should I deal with stress mentally?
you cant deal with stress mentally you have work with the energy stuck up in negative experiences at the level of the body and sensations and release from there needs deeper work with the unconscious

Can one lose weight only by brisk walking and diet control?

What exercises do you generally suggest for weight loss, is it yogasanas?
anti gravity and high intensity interval training

How do you guide to creating positive thoughts for weight loss?
first work on the negative memories by deep processes to go through them attend MEGA FOUNDATION PROGRAM in Mumbai on 7th or 8th March… details on www.freedomfromdiabetes.org

How many kgs of weight loss is possible under your guidance by the natural changes in food, exercise?
6-10 kgs in 3 months if overweight

good aftrn, what is the most effective weight loss treatment for obese persons?
reduce fat, reduce acid, increase micro nutrition
Hi Dr.Tripathi..Is there a possibility to avert diabetes by people who have diabetes genes in their family?
yes…read more on this in a book BIOLOGY OF BELIEF by dr bruce lipton, harvard medical doctor

I am working woman aged 34yrs with 2 kids, as I don’t have time to exercise, I usually try to do most of the household chores and also walk regularly, I don’t have any health issues but I get stressed out soon. What is your advice?
2 hours after lunch or dinner climb up and down one flight of stairs as much times as possible…

What is your advice on food habits for diabetics?
some of it mentioned in earlier chat

But it is said that Diabetes can never be cured completely, then how do you help in medication free diabetes?
there is enough international material on this… read dr neal barnard dr gabriel cousens don’t believe that one cannot get off medications… i personally have over 1000 cases including 200 off INSULIN (type 2) visit www.freedomfromdiabetes.org and youtube channel to open your mind

What are your basic suggestions to diabetics?
right food, scientific exercise, positivity and belief that it can be cured we have over 1000 patients who are off medicine and insulin look up videos on youtube of freedomfromdiabetes

Does our cholesterol level has anything to do with our genes?

What changes can my mother in law make in her everyday diet to reduce her cholesterol? She is a vegan.
what is her current level?

My mother-in-law is 63yrs. She has arthritis and has pain in her knees, so she cannot walk well and exercise. She also has cholesterol no. What is your opinion on how can she lose weight and reduce her cholesterol level?
stop all animal products including milk as they have cholesterol

What is your basic mantra to lose weight?
increase greens and beans minimum 25% raw food per day

Swine flu has claimed to be fatal in so many cities of our country. Would you want to share some prevention measures as a holistic health manager ?
not an expert on this…basic hygiene…washing hands…

Shoyeb, Age 51, hght 5.8”, wght 80 kg Diabetic from last 8 years, Test Fstg -80-105,PP 130-170, BP 10 yrs 90-140 Medi : Glizid MR30 & Telmed AH dly in mor. HBA1C is 6.5. Walk approx 5 km Plz suggest 4 wgt loss, HBAIC&BP
walking is not the best exercise for a diabetic… anti gravity…weights, isometric, core training, muscle strengthening / building …is for full understanding of how to get off tablets join one of MEGA FOUNDATION PROGRAM… for more details visit www.freedomfromdiabetes.org

How can I get rid of diabetic since am a diabetic since 111th age and on insulin?
TYPE 1 diabetes is difficult to cure…read dr gabriel cousens on this

Which Ayurveda medicine I should take. My blood sugar levels are slightly on the higher side
there are many ayurvedic medicines in the market… most of them are a combination of basic anti diabetic herbs…jamun, karela, neem, etc. you can take any…but what i prefer to treat is to treat WITHOUT MEDICINES