‘Techneck’ wrinkles caused by using smartphones

foo_02_240x240_mar10The use of smartphones and other gadgets could be giving you wrinkles around the neck, as constantly looking down at handheld devices and computers develops a line around the neck and chin.

According to CACI international, a U.K. nonsurgical facelift systems manufacturer and supplier, there is an emergence of the new wrinkle ‘Techneck’ amongst tech-obsessive people, Slate Magazine reported.

The CACI, who have noticed a surge in enquiries on combating lines around the neck area, are offering to combat ‘Teckneck’ with a treatment called the Microlift.

Dean Nathanson, managing director of CACI international said that they have identified a correlation between the rise of technology in recent years and the growth of the ‘ Techneck’ and they can help people reduce wrinkles with their treatment.

Source: ANI
Image: Getty Images