Technology can make you less beautiful

173297242A plastic surgeon has revealed that frequent use of smartphones, tablets and laptops may bring out early signs of aging like etched lines, wrinkles, double chins and loose skin in a person.

According to Elle magazine, he further explained that a phenomenon called ‘tech neck’ happens when people look down at their laptops or iPhones too often and it gives them the neck of a much older person, the New York Post reported.

Although, the source for causing this ‘tech neck’ is still not confirmed but it was established that In 2013, plastic surgeons gave more than 55,000 patients neck lifts that is roughly 6 percent higher from a year prior.

Dr. Albert Wu, the director of the Center for Health Services said that the phenomenon is not real according to him but it is possible that due to lot of picture taking in today’s society people are becoming more aware of their appearances.

He further states that procedures like an invasive neck lift may not be the answer because non-invasive procedures like fillers can help fix the problem at least temporarily.

Source: ANI
Image: Getty Images