10 glasses of water needed to keep scalp hydrated: Dr. Rajesh Rajput

240_01_july30Dr. Rajesh Rajput, a Trichologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon, has an experience of 25 years in providing focused solutions for hair transplant surgery for women and men. He has performed over 3,500 transplant procedures for patients from all over the world. He has also pioneered Cyclical Hair Treatment which controls hair loss & induces over 30% new hair growth in 2-4 months without side effects.

Dr. Rajput is one of the first hair transplant surgeons to use microsurgery instruments for delicate handling & minimizing injury to the follicles.His areas of expertise include restoration of eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard for patients with burns, Hanson’s disease, trauma, cancer excision and cleft lip.

Dr. Rajput answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Sir, I am Ramesh and my age is 48. I could see some drastic reduction in the growth of the hair only in the centre portion of the head . Kindly let me know the steps to prevent falling hair and follow up action for new hair growth.
You seem to be getting Male Pattern Baldness. Application of lotion, low light laser and use of vitamins can help to grow back 30% more hair.

is dandruff cause of falling hair ? how to stop hair loss?
Dandruff does cause hair loss, best is to wash more often.

My mother, sisters and myself get a lot of hair fly-aways frequently. How can we get rid of this? Is this related to our genetic hair structure or is this due to climate changes. Please help.
Even id genetic it is not un treatable. If you all had diabetes would it not be treated? Good planned vitamins and hair care will help all of you. REMEMBER GENETIC IS TREATABLE. It does not mean it has to be suffered.

Do all heat styling tools for hair cause breakage of hair? Should we apply something before hair ironing or using any heat styling tools?
No applications can save from heat damage.

Can one straighten one’s hair or go for any other hair treatment like perming, colouring, etc. after hair transplant?
You can treat your hair as normal after hair transplant, no special considerations required.

Can we apply curd on hair to curb dandruff problem? What is your advice on dandruff dr.?
Wash more frequently to keep dandruff away. Curd can help in cases of dry fine dandruff though not in wet flaky dandruff.

hello sir, i am having heavy hair fall since last 3 months , again there are boils and pimples on scalp. taking care of diet , doing exercise and using good products but nothing helping ..can you suggest any treatment?
Slightly complicated, needs individual evaluation.

Doctor does blow dry harm hair?
Using excess heat damages the hair shaft

Does migraine also lead to excess hair fall?
Spasm of the blood vessels tot he scalp is hall mark of migraine, it can lead to hair loss.

How can women prevent hair loss that occur due to hormonal changes?
Nutritional support can offer strengthening of hair roots and protect from hormonal effects.

Will menopause also cause hair loss?
Yes this being a change in hormones and body cycles, it does affect hair.

Are hormonal changes a main cause for hair loss?
Thyroid hormones and androgens cause hair loss, but several nutritional and lifestyle factors make the hair susceptible to the effects of these hormones. Roots can be strengthened enough to be protected from the effects.

Hello doctor. I am 37yrs mother. I had very thick and long hair before pregnancy but now have lost half of them. Can I get back the lost hair? Pls advice.
You can grow back the lost hair with nutritional support and well planned care

Does sleeping late at night also lead to hair fall?
Any severe life style and stress relates to causing hair loss. 6-8 hours regular sleep is essential for all body functions including hair growth.

Should one not be on any other medication or treatment if he/she decides on hair transplant?
Blood thinners, aspirin, anticoagulants, are avoided.

Is there a criteria for hair transplant or any hair growth treatment?
Good quality hair is the first requirement. If hair is weak it needs to be improved with 2-4 months of pre treatment.

What all should be kept in mind before deciding on any hair growth treatment or a hair transplant or concealing bald spots?
Make sure it serves your purpose and is undetectable.

Sir how to conceal bald spots?
Wig, transplant, hair filler are options.

Is hair transplant a permanent treatment or does one need to do it again and again?
If you do not care to promote hair growth and rest of the hair continues to fall you need repeat transplants or else with a good planned care program it can be permanent.

Are there any side effects to hair transplant?
Shock loss and excessive hair fall after the transplant procedure is commonest side effect completely avoided by using vitamins 2 months before. Some swelling pain is as seen after any surgery, completely avoided with cold compresses and massage.

Hi dr. What is the difference between hair weaving and hair transplant?
Hair weaving is putting a wig on the head. transplant is real growing hair.

Does our daily water consumption also affects our hair health?
You need 10 glasses of water a day to keep scalp well hydrated. Night shift workers, inflight personnel, working in pressurized cabins and frequent fliers please watch on the water intake.

What all should we include in our diet for healthy hair? Are walnuts very good for hair?
Not excess of any one food, have balanced diet, detils of foods to add and foods to avoid are on the web site www.hairlossindia.com

Doctor please suggest some products available easily in market that help to stimulate hair growth and healthy hair.
Minoxidil 2% is very good to stimulate hair growth.

How many times a week should one ideally wash and condition one’s hair?
At least 3 times a week, more if you are travelling and you have dust dirt blowing into the hair.

Does castor oil application restore hair growth?
Castor oil is thicker than all other oils. It holds on the hair for longer time but does not grow hair.

What are some of the things I should ask my doctor before proceeding with a hair transplant?
Hair quality, details of technique used and area to be planned with layout of the number of grafts. Results of similar patients.

Hi Doctor, I have a receding front line. i’m losing a lot of hair. I want to get a hair transplant done. Will the hair look realistic and natural?
Hair transplant uses your own hair, it looks natural and real.

My brother has been told that the only treatment for a 5 cm diameter bald patch at his crown is surgery. Doctor, how true is this?
You can regrow 30-40% more hair on the crown using Low light Laser, vitamins and lotion application, any more desired will need a transplant after 2-4 months.

Which is the best oil to apply on eyebrows?
No oil can grow eyebrow hair.

My eyebrow hair is falling and turning grey. What treatment is advised? Thank you.
Needs individual evaluation, no standard plan will help all.

Does an eyebrow treatment have some side effects?
No side effects

I have very thin eyebrows doctor. What treatment is advised?
There could be under laying medical cause to rule out. Then diet and vitamin support could help

240_02_july30Will the results of a hair transplant surgery be permanent?
Transplanted hair will not fall but your natural hair continues to fall, reducing the effectiveness of the result. Also the transplanted hair will grow better if you feed it low dose vitamins making it long lasting.

What is the healing time after hair transplant? What is the aftercare I need to take after a hair transplant?
Healing time is 2-3 days. Scabs 1-2 mm black dots are seen for 10 days. No head bath for 2 days. Details of post care on www.hairlossindia.com

Hello Doctor, Are there any steps that need to be taken prior to hair transplant surgery?
Lab tests and strengthening the hair roots to improve the outcome of the procedure sure helps.

Is hair transplant painful? How many sittings do I need?
Done under local anesthesia not at all painful with the latest advances. 90% patients require only one sitting. More details on www.hairlossindia.com

How long will it take for transplanted hair to grow?
4 months is the natural hair growth cycle. If you transplant hair today, it begins 1-2mm growth after 4 months then grows 1 cm per month.

Doctor, I am a male aged 37. My hair is thinning and i’m losing hair – balding. i want to get hair transplant. How much will it cost?
First improve the hair care, strengthen the roots fro 2-4 months this will improve the outcome of the transplant. Cost varies from 50,000 – 200,000. More details on www.hairlossindia.com

Good day Dr. Please tell me about cyclical Hair treatment.
This is a vitamin therapy originated through our experience of 25 years. Uses antioxidants, iron, calcium, amino acids, B-complex, biotin on different days in a proportion required for hair growth. The vitamins are spaced over 3 day cycle hence the name. It shows new hair growth in 2-4 months.

How is it to apply henna on hair once a fortnight?
Henna is made in a unregulated industry. Quality is first concern. Henna makes hair dry and brittle, mix with curd or egg is better.

I have heard that 70-100 strokes of hair brush before sleeping is necessary. How true?
Would help as a healthy hair habit, but 30-50 strokes any hair can take. For 70-100 hair must be strong and long.

Do we lose more hair if we keep it open or lose most of the time? Is tying of hair much better to curb hair loss?
Tight tie ups are not advised, these cause traction alopecia. Loose hair styles need a brush up after few hours as the open hair attracts more dust, grime and dirt, also entangles.

Is it true that we should oil our hair tips everyday for healthy hair?
Oiling would protect the hair, either tips or shaft is the same benefit.

Please guide me for regular hair care. My hair are shoulder length.
Wash twice a week with anti dandruff shampoo. Massage the shampoo in the roots keep it for 3-5 minutes then wash. Twice more wash with regular daily use shampoo. Oil the hair overnight or 1 hour before each wash. Use leave on serum in monsoon and in hot sun.

How many times a week should one go for head or hair massage and for how many minutes?
Any amount of massage will temporarily improve blood flow or offer relaxation for few minutes, may not influence hair growth directly. But becoming stress free or feeling good after the massage will help better in hair growth.

Does going bald once and then growing new hair, solve the problem of hair fall?
the hair continues to fall, but since it is so short it becomes unnoticeable and makes you feel there is no hair loss.

Is it true that if one goes for a regular hair trimming one does have better hair growth?
Not really trimming or shaving help you have easy hair care but never change rate of growth.

And doctor why is it that some females just can’t have long hair? What actually restricts hair from growing long?
The hair growth is a biological cycle. The hair is willing to fall or reaches its fall phase before having time to grow long enough. When the growth phase outruns the fall phase you can grow hair longer.

Hello Doctor Rajput, I want to know about the effect of various hair treatments like colouring, perming and straightening on hair. Is it really harmful?
All these treatments break the natural structure of the hair and weaken it initially it is temporary and hair may recover but on repeated use there is damage.

Most of the hair dyes cause hair fall. What should I look in a good hair dye?
All hair dyes have similar formulas, really cannot choose one from the other. Pick a dye one shade lighter than your natural color. Dye the hair once in 6 weeks avoid frequent change of brand or color.

Is there a permanent solution to premature greying of hair?
There is no medical treatment as such but use of vitamins and better hair care can help.

Does our hair quality and growth depend entirely on our genes?
Genes control 40-50% of the out come and just like we know diabetes, heart disease depends on the lifestyle and habits, so does hair loss be influenced by other factors apart from genes.

Doctor what is the main reason behind premature greying of hair?
Poor diet, nutritional deficiencies. Exposure to sunlight, pollution, chemical fumes, bad water, stress, poor scalp hygiene can cause graying.

We all witness some hair fall everyday. When is a hair fall not considered normal?
More than 100 strands per day, sudden increase in hair fall and hair breakage falling all over the place is abnormal.

And which is the best shampoo to use for healthy hair?
Ph Balanced shampoo which mentions is for regular use or daily use is good. Avoid formula shampoos, for dry hair, oily hair, frizzy hair, hair repair etc contain additional chemicals which you are not sure would benefit you or not. Simple daily use formula is best selected.

Which is the best oil to use for healthy hair?
No oil can grow hair, oil helps in keeping the hair and scalp moist. Oil can protect from dust dirt pollution, damaging chemicals, shampoos, detergents etc. Best to oil 1 hour before hair wash. None will grow hair.

Good morning Doctor. I am 40yrs female. Have developed real thin hair from past few years. How can I prevent it from further damage?
Proper hair care, regular pH balanced shampoo, good diet, avoid fried foods, sugar foods, fast foods, excess chinese excess chicken. If required use 2% minoxidil lotion to promote hair growth.