The four-week countdown diet: Be yourself while losing weight

The four-week countdown diet: Now you choose how you lose!
Namita Jain
Publishers: Penguin India

Staying hungry is forbidden! Wonder how a diet book author can utter these words? But, Namita Jain does. This lifestyle and wellness expert has used her experience of two decades in the weight loss and fitness industry to design a diet regime that helps you lose weight in four weeks.

Identifying your reason to lose weight makes your diet mindful and doable, says Namita. The diet takes you through 10 simple steps by which to lose weight.

At the outset, Namita insists the reader find his perfect-fit weight, the weight at which your body feels most comfortable. Each meal includes the 1, 2, 3 formula that incorporates cereal, fruits and vegetables, and protein-rich foods to ensure you lose weight without losing your health. The diet allows you to eat normally and without guilt.

Scientifically designed menus cater to the needs of people on the basis of how much weight they need to lose. The countdown diet begins with the streamlining of dinner. A 4-course dinner is charted out complete with fat-free recipes. Breakfast, snacks and lunch are modified in the following three weeks. Namita scores by using readily-available ingredients to make delicious, healthy and low calorie dishes.

Simple food substitutes are suggested – coconut water replaces a cold drink and a piece of chikki swaps position with the gulab jamun.

The author has painstakingly put together a list of things to buy preceding the diet. Easy options are listed for people on the go. Tips to enhance nutrition and save time abound.

Tips for people trying to grapple with drinking, smoking habits while dieting and for those with special conditions like arthritis and diabetes set the book apart.

Whether you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now or are new to the concept of dieting, Namita’s book could well be your bible.

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