The reasons behind male sexual problems

A good and healthy sexual life goes a long way in keeping you healthy and needless to say, happy. But of late, sexual problems are only increasing by the day. It’s no wonder that every news website you click on, there are dedicated sections on how to lead a sexually happy life and some strange and unproven advice. My teacher used to tell me

that when he started his practice in sexology, people would come to his door step, look around and then sheepishly enter. This is probably one aspect of medicine that has not changed much he says. People are still reluctant to visit a sexologist, but are more open to the topic of sexual health and therefore they resort to less reliable information from the Internet.

In my practice, as a wellness physician, there are a number of times that I pick up a sexual problem as the root cause of certain symptoms and then the patient confirms the same. And in this day and age with so much information available, it is amazing to see how misinformed people are.

Sexual problems can be physical or mind related. Sometimes it is so difficult that people blame themselves so much and this further worsens their case. The most common form of sexual problems in men are the ones associated with erection and the ones associated with stress. Erection problems can range from inability to erect to pre mature ejaculation which is inability to sustain an erection. The cause of erection problems can be physiological, which means that something in the body is causing it to malfunction. Diseases like diabetes and raised blood pressure and other such diseases can cause poor blood flow to the male organ, thus causing problems with erection.

The other major problem is associated with the mind. This can range from hypoactive sexual disorder, which is the lack of interest in sexual activity (yes, it exists) to unenjoyable sexual life, where they just have sex for the sake of having it.

A diagnosis is the most important part of treating sexual problems. Many a times, I have patients coming in with a self diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and “having tried all the solutions that the Internet has to offer” and then I find something else wrong with them, and they find that in a few days they are back to being normal.

The bottom line is that almost all sexual problems are curable and you can go back to having a great sexual life. If you feel that your sexual life is not what you expected it to be and have read in magazines and websites that sexual experience is overrated, then it is a good time to see a wellness doctor because sex is a great experience and it should be, if it is not, it can be made into a great one. A great sexual life, which is one of the most basic instincts of man, goes a long way in keeping you, your mind, your heart and your body young and healthy. And no age is a barrier to enjoying a good sexual life, so ” I am old and cannot enjoy good sex” is a poor excuse.

Dr.Wasim Mohideen
Wellness expert

After 8 years in allopathy, which included MBBS, DNB and a Diploma from the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK, Dr Wasim went on to get a doctorate in Acupuncture and a diploma in Ayurveda. He now combines the best of modern and alternative medicines to help people stay healthy.