`Think positive to look great,` says Sharmila Kotadia

Sharmila Kotadia, beauty expert with VLCC Health Care Limited, takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with Sify readers. We bring you the complete chat transcript.

I am working woman 30 year old having problem of black acne
Acne could be due to hormonal or oily skin the open pores if exposed to pollution develop into acne. We need to rule out the hormonal part. Use a face wash with toner to refresh your skin. If acne persists then you would need treatment that would eliminate the acne.

Hi Sharmila, i have a question for you. I have dark spots on my nose. Looks odd on my face since i have a very fair complexion. can you please suggest a remedy to eliminate such dark spots.
Darks spots could be freckles that develop and increase with sun exposure. Must for you is a use of sunscreen indoors and outdoors. Along with that the anti-pigmentation creams and facials would help in reducing the formation of more freckles or dark spots

My skin is mix. Which type of facial is suitable for me?
Generally combination skin has to be treated with products for oily areas and the dry areas would need the products specific to that. So when the therapist works on your skin it has to be a blend of gels and creams, fruits would be a great option.

Sharmila, my age is 40, I have started noticing black marks on my cheeks. they are visible of and on. Pl. suggest some remedy.
This is is generally pigmentation which is hormonal we would need to first rule out that if it is hormonal then medication along with beauty treatments like peels and anti-pigmentation treatment would help reduce them. Must is the use of sunscreen indoors or outdoors.

Which beauty U like in you, the natural one or the makeup one?
The natural is ones personality that reflects the makeup one is to correct the flaws if there any.

Hi, I am a working women, i stay in Bangalore. Can you give me some tips that will help to keep my skin soft and not dry. I also get pimples. Thanks in advance
Visit the nearset VLCC centre as your skin seems to be a combination from your query once the skin is assessed on the video derma scope we would be more clear on the remedy that we could offer you.

I am 41 yrs I was using body deodorant from 3 years. Since last 2 months when I use the same I am getting rashes. I get allopathic and ayurvedic doctors but they could not help me. Give me the solution for this
The usage of deodorant spray is important has to be sprayed from a distance and over use of the same could cause the area to become sensitive take a break use powder and consult a dermatologist..

Hi…I am 35 years & my Question is that my hair is curly & i want to change my hair style. I will conform rebonding is a right or not at my age?
Go ahead and do a rebonding it will give you a complete makeover after the hair is rebonded to straight then the stylist could give you a good cut for straight hair thus giving you a complete style change. Age is perfectly alright

Is acne a by-product of toxin build-up in the body. If so then the liver may not be functioning to clear out the toxins and hence the improvement of the liver function will be the treatment. Please confirm this theory.
Yes accumulation of toxins would give arise to acne. Detoxification of the body through massages and diets could be done not necessarily it is malfunctioning of the liver unless it is a severe case.

I am 32 years & i am having severe acne on my face & everyday one new pimple will arise on my face & scars are left out. I have taken the treatment for the same from the dermatologist but I could not find any improvement
Need to check on if you have any hormonal problems as if it so then medication along with the products and treatment like salicylic peels would help for your skin.

QUES Part 1: Hey Hi, i have this problem for acne that whenever i have a lot of chocolates (specially dairy milk),spicy curries, Garlic pickle and in fact soft drinks
These are the food that probably aggravates the acne for you. But you would also need a daily regime to follow to keep them at bay. Face wash toner or astringent, anti acne gel and packs could help but if the bout is heavy then treatments would need to taken to clear the skin of acne.

Give me some tips for reduce belly in busy life…
A proper diet exercise for the abs specifically and spot reduction treatments could help you loose inches on the stomach.

Im 30 yrs old, iam bascially from Chennai, married and settled in Malaysia for 3 yrs now. My problem is acne, with pustules, with one or two cystic acne. How can i get rid of this permanently? I have lot of black spots because of this. pls help me
This would need medication, a dermatologist can help you with medication as your acne seems to be the severe in nature.

Hi, my skin is very sensitive.. and i get pimples all the time..
For sensitive skin it is very important that you use products that are hypo allergic including the make-up products. Acne not necessarily is due to the skin being sensitive there could be various reasons get your skin checked by a specialist as that would rule out the other factors and products for daily use could be suggested.

How to control hair falling and dandruff
Depends what type of dandruff you have and the reason as they normally arise due to change of weather this is a common reason. For which an anti dandruff shampoo should be used. Hairfall happens due to the persistent problem of dandruff infection if it taken care of then hair fall also reduces. Stress is also a factor for dandruff.

What fruits to eat which help skin glow?
Fruits having Vit C & A would help.

My hair gets very dry in winter, any home remedy?
Hair spa are ideal you could use a hair mask for dry hair and use a hot towel on it.

I have a mixed skin on my face. Gets very dry in winter, but moisturisers make it oily and i get pimples. What do i do ?
Use a moisturiser for oily skin that should avoid acne to come up.

How to remove black spot around eyes
Depends on the cause under eye treatments can be taken and followed by maintenance under eye cream.

My hair was very weak and dull, so i got it straightened before 26 months. now it is too dull and damaged. it gets tangles and breaks a lot. how can i have a good, healthy and natural hair as i do not want to straight it again?
Healthy diet and hair spas on regular basis will improve texture and reduce entangling of hair will also give shine and lustre.

Does waxing harm skin in the long run? How do you get rid of ingrown hair?
Not really unless on the face but laser is a better solution to do away with unwanted hair.

What is the cure for skin eruption in winter?
Skin tends to become dry in winters so moisturising it on regular intervals is important; we have different moisturiser for different skin types. and for the body one should use a body lotion immediately after a shower.

My lips are very dry at time. How to avoid the lips from drying?
Keep a lip balm handy and use it regularly through the day it if a major problem could apply Vaseline and glycerine at nights on a regular basis.

Is it good bleach the skin every month? If not than how much gap should we give after bleaching the skin once?
Depends on the reason that we are looking at when we bleach and also the skin type is also what we would consider when we suggest the gaps for a bleach, excess of any chemical application is not beneficial.

How to reduce the waist and belly fat ?
Just answered the question visit a VLCC for a free consultation.

I have dry hair and a lot of dandruff, though it is not flaky, it itches, it gets worse in summer. pl help
You need a anti dandruff treatment this would help your scalp and also get rid of the dandruff…..you could maintain it later by using the VLCC shampoo.

What is the right way of making a face pack at home?
Depends on the skin types so please don’t try anything at home… Visit a VLCC Centre for consultation

Any easy way to keep the nails strong?
Eat a balanced diet…increase the calcium intake…

I am only 27 but my hair is very scant on the forehead. how to stop this receding?
There could be many reasons… so pls visit a vlcc centre for free consultation

I have very rough palms from childhood. what should i do
Use the VLCC hand cream on regular intervals this would help in softening the skin also could try out the paraffin wax manicures at our centres this would help.

I have very dry almost scaly skin, tans easily. pl help
You need to use the sunscreen as per skin type we could give you a free analysis for your skin if you visit our centre.

Pl tell us the secret to acne free skin
Use the VLCC anti acne kit but if severe visit the centre for a free consultation.

Can yoga give us a clear complexion?
Not always.

My hair snaps very easily so i dont know how to maintain it. pl suggest some cure
The hair requires strengthening use the VLCC Aroma hair strengthening oil would improve the health of your hair and reduce fall and breakage.

Hi sharmila, pl tell me how to get rid of lines on my neck?
You could use the VLCC Neck firming cream, which will help in reduce of the necklines and firm the skin in that area.

Home made treatment to reduce sun tan
Use the anti tan kit of VLCC on a daily basis at home it would help, but if tan has been there for a long time then the Dtan facials would be needed for better results.

Is there any way to clear the black dots from face?
Pigmentation can be reduced by taken treatments like Glycea, peels and whitening facials all depending on the depth and severity of the pigmentation. All these treatments are available at VLCC centres visit the closest centre for a free consultation.

How I can make my face more glorious?
You can try Golden glow facials at VLCC and also follow the daily regime I mentioned about earlier.

How to make oneself beauty? I mean to say to maintain it!!
Think positive… a daily regime of cleanser, toner and moisturiser as per your skin type is a must. Sun screen on a daily basis.

I have dark circles…tried lots of under eye creams but nothing worked.. Please help!
Use the VLCC almond under eye cream if there are dark circles with fine lines you could use the “I”by under eye cream from VLCC

How can i match up face complexion with body, its dark compared to body?
This discoloration normally happens due to suntan work on the tan first by doing Dtan facials after which it could be maintained by using a sunscreen and fairness gels, anti tan packs and skin brightening face wash all available at the VLCC centres.

I wanna know what is the remedy for dry n dull hair. B’coz of this i feel low.
Use a shampoo and conditioner for dry and dull hair also do hair spas at regular intervals to get the normal lusture back.

I have lots of black heads & my face is tan
Do Dtan facials on a regular basis that would help get rid of the tan, and the cleaning of the blackheads are taken care off when you do these facials. use a sunscreen as per skin type and sun exposure

In summer, which type of cream to be used
Use a light water based moisturiser in the day.

How to improve the density of my hair?
If it is genetic there is not much one could do but have a balanced diet and stress free routine that would help.