Thinning of hair can be prevented: Dr. Madhuri Agarwal

image_4_240x240feb06Dr. Madhuri Agarwal is one of the leading dermatologists and aesthetic physician in the country. She is a board certified dermatologist who specialises in laser,cosmetic and surgical dermatology. Her academic qualifications include MD (Skin&VD),Sion Hospital,Mumbai University and M.D. Alternative Medicines from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Calcutta.

Currently she is Medical Director & CEO of Yavana Aesthetic Clinic, a complete skin and hair aesthetic centre.She is also the Chief Consultant Aesthetic and Corrective trainer for Galderma Aesthetic Academy.

Dr. Agarwal answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

i have skin allergy as a result its leading to darkcircles and patch on the face, Morever my skin is ver senstive ,if i rub slight on the skin i will get rashes so what could be reason
A dry, allergiy prone skin can react quickly to various stimuli and develop rashes . Please consult a dermatologist to understand the cause of allergies so it can be treated.

which face wash is good for my face?
There are a variety of face wash which are advised depending on your skin type and concern . I recommend consult a dermatologist to understand the correct skin care regime for your skin type .

which shampoo is good for my dry hairs?
A pH balanced, sulphate free shampoo such as Sebamed daily shampoo is good for dry hair . Also add a hair repair conditioner post hair wash to soften the hair .

Are botox and fillers very painful?
No Botox and fillers are usually not painful as they done after applying a numbing cream on the skin .

Is alcohol and smoking very harmful for skin and hair?
Yes both smoking snd alcohol are very harmful to skin and hair . They both cause dehydration of skin, make the skin leathery, coarse , cause damage to DNA of skin cells and lead to premature aging .

Is botox and fillers same?
Botox and fillers are two seperate procedures . Botox is used to treat concerns caused by muscles eg. wrinkles caused on expression whereas fillers is a material like natural, hyaluronic acid of our body which is used to treat problems caused by volume or collagen loss Eg. laugh lines or hollow under eyes .

Ma’m, I want to know about botox. Is it a safe treatment?
Botox or botulinum toxin is a protein derived from bacteria and is very safe to use for treating various indications such as dynamic wrinkles, face contouring, excessive sweating, etc .

How to treat thinning of hair? Can the thickness of hair be regained? Thanks.
It is recommended to consult a dermatologist to identify the cause of thinning and thereby treat it appropriately .

Can thinning of hair be prevented?
Yes thinning of hair can be controlled with a balanced lifestyle and healthy hair care regime. It is also important to identify the cause of thinning to prevent it in future .

What are the main causes that lead to hair thinning?
Hair thinning is usually genetic or linked to hormonal causes or disturbances .It is usually progressive and needs to be controlled with appropriate haircare .

What should I look for in a good hair colour which doesn’t harm my hair?
Opt for hair colour which is ammonia free, has minimal quantity of PPD (mentioned in the content label) and has good conditioning properties . It is recommended to use brands who are known for high safety standards.

Hi… Our family has always faced premature greying of hair, how can one prevent premature greying of hair?
Hereditary or genetic predisposition is a common cause of Premature graying of hair.a balanced diet rich in proteins and micronutrients , exercise routine to reduce stress and improve immune system help in preventing premature graying of hair .

What kind of skin treatments are available for males today?
There are various treatments available for males such as laser hair removal , chemical peels , antiaging lasers , Botox, fillers and body contouring .

All these years I have been using some common creams for both genders but now we have exclusive male skin care products. How effective are these products?
Men skin is different from a lady’s skin and hence requires products which are more hardworking and geared to address the skin concerns . So opt for the appropriate male skin care products which will cater to your skin need ,

Hi Dr. I am Ramesh 29yr. I have itching on my body which turns into red rashes.Doctors says that this could be allergic to Sauce, Country tomato & Nuts or Allergic to Milk and milk products. Kindly advise.

Hi there are different kinds of allergies which ideally requires a detailed consultation to understand the cause and accordingly a treatment can be given . Please consult a dermatologist for it .

I am 27yrs working male. I am an engineer. There is so much skin care advice for women. What is your advice on men skin care?
Nowadays the awareness amongst men is equally high and there are good number of products available customised for men skin . The skin care principles abs basic care remains the same for both.

Is trimming hair every 3 months the only solution to split ends?
Splitends can lead to faster hair breakage and fall . So trim hair every 8-10 weeks to keep it healthy .

Should long hair be washed more than hair with shorter length?
The idea is to keep the scalp clean and healthy . So irrespective of length, it is essential to wash hair atleast three times a week

How often should one shampoo one’s hair? Some advice everyday wash and some thrice a week. What is your advice?
The scalp is like our body skin. It is exposed to various insults of nature and life and can become unhealthy and dirty . It is advisable to wash hair minimum three times a week with a ph balanced, sulphate free shampoo .

Does rubbing lemon or applying curd on scalp help to prevent dandruff?
No applying ingredients such as lemon and curds is not an effective at way to prevent dandruff . Instead adopt a healthy lifestyle and haircare to avoid dandruff .

Is it true that oily skin is more prone to acne/ pimples?
Yes oily skin leads to blockage of skin pores and makes it more prone to acne .

Is there a treatment to get rid of blemishes? I have oily skin.
Yes blemishes caused by pimples can be lightened and treated . Ensure a sunscreen use in daytime. Treatments like chemical peels and Qswitched lasers help to treat the blemishes

Please share your advice on everyday care of oily skin?
Oily skin can lead to whiteheads, blackheads and acne .Use a oil control face wash, an alcohol free toner and a Matt finish sunscreen in daytime . Repeat the face wash and toner routine at night & apply oil control creams containing salicylic, glycolic or similar ingredients .

Is chemical peeling very effective in getting back the glow?
A chemical peel aids in dead skin turnover, stimulating new collagen production, reducing acne and blemishes and making the skin softer and healthier . Peels can help in achieving a glowing skin if they are done regularly

Madam how is chemical peeling done?
There are various types of chemical peels available which have different methods and process of application. Ideally it is advisable to consult a board certified dermatologist who can assess your skin condition and then recommend the best suited peel for your skin.

I usually ride a scooty to and fro office. I land up getting dandruff often. How can I prevent my hair from dandruff?
Due to high levels of pollution, a two wheeler or open air vehicles can attract more pollutants to hair and this increase the dandruff . Wash hair atleast three times a week with a pH balanced anti dandruff shampoo such as Sebamed anti dandruff shampoo . Consult your dermatologist incase the dandruff is persistent .

What should I look for in good hair oil which prevents hair loss and makes my hair smooth?
Ideal recommendation is a light molecular weight oil like coconut oil which easily penetrates the scalp and nourishes the hair .

Does too much oiling of hair all lead to hair loss?
excessive oil left in the scalp will require higher quantity of shampoo to cleanse it, leading to further drying of hair and thereby increase the hair fall. Do use minimum quantity of oil sufficient to moisturise the scalp .

I usually keep oil in hair for an hour or so. Is it enough?
Oil must be left on for minimum of 20-30mins to get the benefit of nourishment from it.An hair is more than enough .

What should be right schedule to oil one’s hair?
The benefits of oiling are moisturising and nourishing the scalp.Ideally use a basic coconut oil twice a week,apply overnight or half an hour before your hair bath.

I have a real dry skin. How can I make it smooth?
Yes dry skin can be improved with use of moisturiser which also repairs the ceramide levels of skin.You can use a Cetaphil Restoraderm cream .Also ensure frequent application of the moisturiser throughout the day.

image_6_240x240feb06How to prevent signs of aging doctor?
Use a skin routine of cleansing,moisturising and sunscreen to prevent early signs of aging

Do hair treatments like straightening and highlighting cause hair breakage?
Yes hair treatments like hair straigthening do alter the natural hair structure and can cause hair damage.

I stay at Mumbai. I usually tie a head band to prevent my hair from pollution. But please give some tips to stop hair fall.
A good balanced diet,adequate water and appropriate hair regime is key to reduce hair fall.Protect your hair with a scarf or a cap when travelling to prevent environmental damage.

Good afternoon Dr. Madhuri.. are skin whitening really harmful for skin. There are many write-ups and articles which indicate that skin whitening creams should not be used.
Skin whitening creams help to even out skin tone and improve the skin colour.Check ingredients of skin cream and use products containing arbutin,liqorice,Vit C .

My hair is very frizzy, gets more frizzy in winter. What is your suggestion?
Frizziness can be due to poor nutrition of hair and dry weather.Use a mild,sulphate free shampoo and a hair repair conditioner for hair wash.Also have a diet rich in micronutrients like magnesium,zinc and silica .

What is the right method to apply creams and moisturizers, upward motions or circular motions?
Right method to apply creams is always against gravity that is upwards circular motions.

Hello Madam, do facial exercises help in glowing skin?
Facial exercises help in toning skin muscles of jaw and neck.However a good skin care routine is needed ensure a glowing skin.

I keep travelling throughout India for my work purpose. Should I keep changing my sunscreen level of protection at different places or should I use a standard level? What SPF you suggest M’am?
A broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15-30 is optimum for all seasons.

Are anti aging sunscreens more effective than regular sunscreens?
A broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 15-30 is usually recommended to prevent early signs of aging

What is the right age to start using anti aging creams or lotions?
The right age for using antiaging creams is usually in your late 20s or when you start seeing the early signs of aging like coarse,pigmented skin or fine lines.

My eyes get very dry, tired and also look small at night after a hard day’s work. I do use eye drops regularly. What should I apply around eyes or smoothness.
Constant starin throughout the day can lead to tired eyes.Invest in a good eye cream or serum like Sebamed Q10 eye cream to smoothen the area.

Pl guide on the right method for make removal.
Use a makeup wipe or remover depending on your skin type.After removing the makeup,wash your face with a cleanser and apply a good moisturiser to repair the skin.

What should I apply on skin before applying make up to prevent skin damage?
Before you apply your makeup,ensure the skin is clean,apply a moisturiser based on your skin type or a good primer which acts as a moisturiser

Hello Dr. Agarwal, I am a 28yr relationship manager. I use make up for 8-10hrs daily. Does using make up regularly lead to premature aging?
Hi it is essential to remove your makeup at the end of day however tired you maybe to prevent skin damage.This will minimise the chances of skin damage

Please name some essential foods and fluids which enhance glowing skin.
Essential foods and fluids are your foods which are brightly colored as they are rich in antioxidants and plenty of water,green tea and vegetable juices or fresh fruit juices .Avoid processed foods and cofee or alcohol to have a healthy skin

Is it true that a glowing skin is mostly genetic?
No glowing skin is not a by product of genetics,it is more due to incorrect diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

Hi.. how can I get a ever glowing skin?
Hi normally pigmentation,patchy and uneven skin looks dull and is important to follow a good skin routine and healthy diet for a glowing skin