This Valentine’s, empower your lady love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The day demands a lot of planning from buying gifts to planning an impeccable dinner for your lady. But has it ever come across your mind to empower your loved one with gifts that takes care of their health always?

Here are the five picks that Apollo Munich Health Insurance has come up with to make her day even more romantic and show that you care for her all through your life:

Pepper Spray: Pepper sprays have been proven effective in disabling assailant and escape from dangerous situations. Empower your women with defence ability and protect her from unforeseen situations. Quick, simple and easy to carry, pepper spray is a defence in your bag. When used on the face, the attacker will experience short-term blindness, excruciating pain, uncontrollable flow of tears, sneezing, and coughing. But they are strictly forbidden to joke around people!

Fitbit: The vulnerability of lifestyle diseases have certainly increased due to desk bound lifestyle. Also, it can be challenging to keep a track of your health. However, companies are now investing on this technology to promote fitness and healthy living. The fitbit will remind her to keep a track on her physical activity while promoting active regime which eventually leads to a happy lifestyle.

Health Book: Is your love obsessed with short term hard core dieting methods to slip into special dresses occasionally? Well, no more! Give her a recipe book that offers an incredibly simple and positive approach that helps them fill up on more healthy food so they don’t have to worry about dieting or calories. The goal here is to promote long term sustainable weight loss which is beneficial for the body.

Pee Buddy: Women in India suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI) caused more often than not by using dirty toilets. Pee buddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for females. A simple device that can save your women from the horrors of public toilet. This could be one of the most thoughtful gifts for your love. It gives women the freedom to pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, without hovering over it & even without catching life-long and deadly infections like Urinary tract infection. Now, women don’t have to bother about the dirty toilet or hold pee! They can carry this saviour in their pocket.

Health Insurance: As it is rightly said healthy wife, happy life! Bring a smile to her face this valentine by expressing your love with something that would keep her protected against unforeseen medical uncertainties. With hectic schedules, sedentary lifestyle, food contamination and fast paced regime, health has become a major concern. On the other hand, rising medical costs are a major concern that can bring financial hardships and affect lifestyle. Hence, the best way you can express your true love towards your loved one is by insuring their health.
There are numerous benefits that a health insurance policy provides-
1. Cover for medical emergencies
2. Peace of mind
3. Future protection, as one health episode can drain one’s savings
4. Balance between quality healthcare and one’s wallet

So, go ahead and gift wellness and good health to the one you care and love.

Text and Image Source: Apollo Munich Health Insurance