Tips to curb obesity: Dr. Rukadikar

crop9_240x240_4thoct14Dr. Kiran Rukadikar is a Senior Bariatric Physician in Mumbai. He specialises in Weight Loss, Obesity Treatment, Lifestyle Modification & Nutrition Therapy providing personalized weight loss diet plan for long lasting weight reduction, weight gain, diabetes management, heart disease, infertility, high blood pressure control, vitamin and mineral deficiencies etc, through nutritional counseling and positive lifestyle management.

He provides his patients with resources and tools, weight loss tips to help ensure that they maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Rukadikar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

hi Doctor. My wife suffered ectopic pregnancy last year april. after that she has gained weight. with a height of 5ft 3 inch, her present weight is 65kg. Kindly inform me how to reduce it?
For her height her ideal weight should be 50-55kgs. For 10 kg weight reduction she needs to follow balanced calorie conscious diet along with walking for 1-2hrs daily atleast for 3 months.

what vitamins supplement are good?
There is no need of vitamin supplements if you maintain a balanced diet daily.

what food is good for a Obese Diabetic heart patient with high BP?
Cut down on sweets, fried foods, dry fruits, have small frequent meals and also reduce dairy products.

what exercise are good for a obese person?

how to control high bp?
Maintain an ideal weight , reduce salt intake, keep walking more.

Does caffeine and artificial sweeteners also lead to weight gain?
Caffeine-No! but artificial sweeteners doesn’t have much calories but if you are making foods with artificial sweeteners and due to other ingredients that food is high in calories then Yes ! you will gain weight.

And what all should be avoided in our everyday diet to avoid weight gain?
Excess oils, sweets should be avoided and dry fruits should be taken in moderation.

Dear dr, can you please give some general advise on the daily intake of vitamins and minerals so that we do not feel weak towards the end of the day?
Have a balanced diet to get all essential vitamins and minerals, have fruits ,veggies, salads, milk daily.

I am a male aged 44 yrs. I have a big paunch but not much fat anywhere else in the body. Am I obese?
I need to know your height too. If you are 160-170 cms in height, less then 90-100cms should be your waistline.

My obese brother is really keen to lose all the excess fat and weight. But he cannot exercise much and has many food cravings. Please guide on his weight loss.
1. Ask him to have balanced food distributed in small parts . 2. Stop frieds and sweets completely. 3. Just start walking.

Why the risk of Diabetes increases more in obese persons?
Excess fat is deposited even in pancreas , liver and other vital organs causing metabolic changes hence chances of diabetes increases.

My brother is 25 yrs now. Is really obese. How can we prevent him from other diseases. Pl help.
Make him lose weight and maintain it as weight cycling is more dangerous

Hi Dr. Rukadikar,My grandfather used to be obese, my dad isn’t but my brother is. Why is it so? Why has not affected my dad and myself but my brother?
Can’t guess the genes . But yes your brother can lose weight and you need to maintain that.

My younger sister aged 21 yrs is underweight Sir. She is 35 kgs- 5ft 2″ height.Please give your guidance for her weight gain.
1. Need to find cause for underweight first. 2. If other things normal , Eating high calorie food should help her.

I aged 40 height-5’5″, 85kg. I take light, non oily food. steel my weight increasing continuously. I taking thyrox 125mg as result thyroid test normal, also having severe acidity, gastric problem. Suggest how to reduce weight & get rid of this obesity.
Needs personal examination.

Do multivitamin supplements also lead to weight gain sometimes?

I am working female, working for almost 10hrs daily in office. Get very tired on reaching home and on weekends. I only do yoga for 10mins daily. But feel really exhausted. Pls give some positive lifestyle tips
1. walk when you talk – so whenever you are on mobile keep walking. 2. Take breaks of 15 minutes every 3 hrs and move out of your working cabin . 3. Have your meals and mid meal snacks at regular intervals.

Can I write to you to get a diet plan for my dad who has high blood pressure?
Yes you can log on to and you can write to me at

Should pickles, papads and alcohol be completely avoided by high blood pressure patients?

What are the rich sources of sodium that could be cut down in his daily diet?
Papads, pickles, dried and preserved foods should be avoided.

Is there a relation between blood pressure and body weight?
Yes, higher the body weight , higher the blood pressure.

What lifestyle changes would you suggest to curb high blood pressure?
Maintain and ideal weight and walk daily.

My dad aged 54yrs though not obese is suffering from high blood pressure. He has reduced his salt intake. What is your advise to him?
DASH – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension 1) Reduce salt intake 2) Maintain normal weight 3) Your lipid profile should be normal. 4) Reduce leafy veggies or wash them thoroughly and then eat. 5) Eat fruits in moderation.

Can you please also give a brief guide to cholesterol management?
1) Reduce the fat and oils from the foods. 2) Eat less sugar 3) Walk atleast 90-120 mins p/day.4) Have garlic, cloves and turmeric.

My friend is usually depressed due to being overweight. How can he overcome this?
Excess weight keeps person lethargic , lazy and depressed . Motivate him to lose . Be with him and explain him importance of being normal weight and good health.

What is your opinion on the bariatric surgery which is so common now days?
1. The rampant growth is really disturbing . You can’t ask a person who is 20-30 kgs overweight to go under knife . You have better option of lifestyle modification and treat. 2. Surgery should be only for person if obesity is life threatening to him . In last 10 yrs of practice i have treated 12000 and above patients but none i have referred for surgery. I have treated patients upto 160 kilos and they have lost weight . Patients are reluctant to go on diet and exercise for long period hence find surgery as short cut .

Are obesity with infertility treatable?
1)Obesity is treatable. 2) Infertility due to obesity can be treated just by treating obesity.

Good day Dr. Kiran. My male friend aged 34yrs is obese and wants to have his second child. Is there any hope for him?
I need more information, but since he already has a child that indicates there shouldn’t be a problem.

Will a person never face obesity if he maintains an ideal body weight?
Obesity is excess accumulation of body fat so person may be centrally obese with a normal body weight, but Yes! ideal body weight and ideal body fat is necessary.

When is obesity considered life threatening?
If it reaches to such an extent when the patient is unable to breath due to his excess weight, diabetes is uncontrolled and arteries are clogged leading to heart problems..

Does obesity control treatments vary between a male and a female?

Why is obesity more common in females?
Lack of physical activities and three stages of life, puberty, child bearing and menopause, these are the stages when women gain weight naturally.

How many kgs in a month is it ideal for an obese person to lose?
3 – 4 kilos of fat ( weight ) is ideal to lose in 1 month . But severely obese person may lose little more.

crop7_240x240_4thoct14Hi dr, as our body weight mostly fluctuates, I want to know that apart from food, what other sources contrbute to weight fluctuations?
1. Hormonal changes in females . 2. water retention – physiological or pathological . 3. Medicines in some diseases if required to be taken for longer period of time

Is there a way to prevent obesity if genetic or its occurrence is assured?
Changes in the lifestyle of entire family will prevent obesity in the family.

How can obesity be controlled in children if genetic?
1. Start treatment early. 2. If parents are obese , treatment of parents is must before we start with children .

Does it become difficult to control one’s weight if suffering from Morbid Obesity?
It is difficult but not impossible. Also people try hopping on different treatments without taking a medical advice .

Hello doctor. Is being obese and being overweight the same?
Obese – BMI ( body mass index – ratio of weight upon height in meter square ) – 27 and above Overweight – BMI – 23 – 27

How to control hunger frequency while being obese?
Eat small meals frequently.

Is there a one time solution to cure Obesity permanently?
No … not yet.

Do obese people need bariatric physicians all through their life?
Not really . Knowledge about obesity – causes and treatment if understood well then it can be managed by person himself.

Can recurrence of obesity be controlled through diet alone?
Once obese …always obese . Hence keep check on diet and exercise well.

Why does obesity often lead to other diseases?
Just answered please refer previous question

There are many options to combat obesity. Which is the best and most secure one?
Balanced nutrition along with walking will sure shot help for fat ( weight ) reduction.

Good afternoon,why does obesity often leads to other diseases as well?
Excess fat acts like a endocrine organ secreting hormones which causes metabolic changes leading to problems like diabetes , heart disease , infertility etc. Mechanical problems like osteoarthritis is also common due to excess weight bearing by knees and ankles.

Are all cooked sweets harmful for health?
No .

I am 36yrs female very conscious of weight gain. Please give some easy tips for weight loss.
1. Stop frieds and sweets . 2. Stop dry fruits . 3. Start walking . 4. watch the video for few more tips.

Is it true that consumption of more water helps in losing weight?
water has zero calories . It temporarily reduces your hunger , but actually doesn’t help you to reduce weight.

Why is it that some females gain weight very easily and some don’t?
No it doesn’t happen that way . It all depends upon energy intake and expenditure . You eat less calorie food and start exercising – you will lose weight.