Tips to cut calories during the festive season

crop4_240x240_13thoct14Festivals mean meeting people, cooking good food, enjoying and relaxing. Most of us end up adding a few extra kilos by the end of all the festivities. If we plan our meals and menu in advance we can keep some fat and calories at bay. Smart cooking and conscious eating is the key to good health. Not to forget, the portions which play a vital role for better health and wellness.

Given below are few tips to keep the fat at bay:

  • Do not over eat. If you have a planned invitation for a dinner or lunch meal, cut your servings to half in the previous or the latter meal.
  • Do make it a point to drink buttermilk or jaljeera or rasam for better digestion of the heavy food.
  • When cooking at home, add in jeera/ cumin seeds, ajwain/ carom seeds, pudina/ mint, adrak/ ginger wherever possible to aid in better digestion.
  • Hydrate enough everyday, 3 – 4 litres of plain water should become a part of your routine. This will not only help you in better digestion, but will also help you for better skin and cutting your appetite.
  • Always believe in portion control. Eat everything on the spread, but limit it to one serving; to control the caloric intake.
  • Remember to begin with salad or soup or any beverage, to cut the appetite and in turn helping you to make smarter choices. Empty stomach always craves for sugary, salty and fried foods.
  • Order or choose wisely. If you can avoid deep fried, and instead take sautéed or steamed or baked foods that would be a better option to keep the unwanted calories at bay.
  • Balance alcohol with enough salads and fruits.
  • Exercise whenever you can (people with clinical ailments, please consult your doctor before starting any exercise). A simple brisk walk of 45 minutes each day can take care of all the unwanted calories consumed.
  • If you plan to cook at home, use healthier cooking options such as baking, grilling, steaming or
    sautéing instead of frying.
  • While meal planning, do add a serving of salad/ raita/ fruits to get your share of fibre.
  • Avoid aerated beverages and instead opt for healthier options like nimbu paani, jaljeera, kokum sharbet, masala chaas, jeera soda etc.

Always remember the key to good health is only in your hands. If you eat wisely, you will always remain fit and healthy. Input and output balance is very important. So keep in mind the basic points and have a healthy and a fit festive season!!


Ms. Malavika Athavale
Consulting Nutritionist
Eatrite – The Nutrition Clinic

Malavika Athavale has a PG Diploma in Dietetics from SNDT University (Mumbai) and industry experience in clinical and pediatric nutrition. She founded Eatrite – The Nutrition Clinic where she provides her consultancy services in individual diet counseling and corporate well-being initiatives.

Image: Getty Images