Top 10 tips to beat the blues

We’ve all felt it at some time or the other! Feeling blue is a colourful (pun intended) way used to describe a low mood. It’s indicative of a depressed state of mind and though it may not be severe, being aware of such a state is the first step towards overcoming it.

Sometimes we unconsciously get past the state and are able to get back to normal, but sometimes we need a little help seeing the sunnier side of life again. People have different ways of dealing with ‘the blues’. Finally, doing something that will make you feel good and positive is the simplest route to happiness. Careful though! Resorting to any unhealthy or unnatural way of dealing with the feeling might have serious health and social implications.

So if you’re a bit down and out, try these methods to perk yourself up!

Top 10 Tips to Beat The Blues

1. Get a makeover!

Shallow as it may sound, looking good on the outside can often help increase confidence and make you feel good within. So spruce up, get a haircut, put on something smart and watch those blues fly away.

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2. Get some exercise.

Exercising for at least 30 minutes continuously helps get the blood flowing and delivers more oxygen to your brain, leaving you feeling refreshed and happy. Exercise also helps to release endorphins, which in turn give you a feeling of well-being

The best-case scenario would be to exercise outdoors. The combination of nature and a workout is unbeatable.

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3. Watch what you’re eating.

A nutritious, well balanced diet ensures that the body is nourished to the optimum and increases mental strength too. Increasing your fibre intake helps in better digestion of food and more energy for you. While you’re at it, cut down on sugar. Sugar has a way of giving you an instant rush of energy, but within an hour or so, the blood sugar levels come down, leaving you feeling dull as well.

4. Take a nap!

Fatigue and stress can get anyone down. Make sure you’re getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Also, it’s OK to ditch that list of errands once in a while and just take a nice, long nap. You’ll wake up feeling rested and happy.

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5. Write down your negative thoughts.

It might sound absurd but studies have found that when you express yourself on a piece of paper you find succour and relief in sharing your inner most bottled up thoughts.

6. Make a visit to the spa.

Massages and aromatherapy can really help in alleviating a bad mood. Add some soothing music to the mix and you’ll come out smiling.

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7. Make a plan.

Healthy relationships, appropriately prioritised goals and clear thought offer a sense of direction and well being. This imbibes a sense of confidence and stability that averts feeling low. So if you’re feeling a little lost and low, make a concrete plan of how you can energise your life.

8. Enjoy your own company.

A little quiet time by one self helps in introspection and reflection, thereby keeping one’s IQ and EQ in balance. It also helps keep a grip on issues like anger, nervousness and unease.

9. Do something fun.

Engaging in activities like solving crosswords, sports and such intensifies living and uplifts one’s spirit. Indulge in painting, dancing, writing, singing or whatever your little heart desires. A good book, a light comedy and even some soothing music can do the trick.

10. Take a vacation.

The monotony of life can take a toll on any of us. So the next time whenever you feel drained, reach out for that straw hat and head towards the beach.

Bonus tip! Learn to say no. Many of us suffer from the need to please, leading to stress and a feeling of sadness. As a long-term goal, try and change this habit and don’t do things you just don’t want to do. Pleasing others at the cost of your own happiness is simply not worth it.

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