Top 5 ways to a healthy marriage

Improve your relationship health

There is no set answer for a healthy and happy marriage and what works best can vary from couple to couple. But there are some basic tips you can follow to improve your relationship on a day to day basis. After years of marriage it is easy to slip into a bad routine of not making enough time for one another or letting important things slide, so follow these top five tips to give your marriage a freshen up.

Back to basics

Simple activities such as going for a walk with your partner or watching an uplifting film take little time and effort but may bring you closer. Going for a romantic walk is not only a great form of exercise but it gives you the chance to talk and bond – it’s important to keep up to date with each other’s lives and ask questions. Even after years of marriage it is still important to make time for a trip to the cinema or a good chat to stay close.

Food of love

A big part of many couples’ relationships is eating and enjoying food, but your romantic meals for two can be a great opportunity to have a health dose too. Enjoying plenty of fish, vegetables and sensual fruit such as strawberries and passion fruit will keep you both full of vitality. It’s nice to enjoy indulgent treats now and then with your partner, such as a chocolate fondue or champagne, but don’t let your health and figures slide just because you’re married.


Exercise is the perfect way to bond with your husband or wife while getting fit and having fun. Why not try a dance class such as salsa or Bollywood dance to release some feel good endorphins, while also having one on one time? Alternatively, make some time to enjoy your favourite music at home and dance in your own living room. As long as you’re moving and having fun with each other that’s all that matters. Doing something as a partnership such as playing tennis, particularly against another couple, may also solidify your bond.

Inner peace

Putting aside ten minutes to enjoy a quiet moment or meditate with your partner each day could be the answer to a healthy marriage. Sharing a peaceful moment with your other half may instil calm within you both, reducing chances of arguments or helping you to resolve them when they do arise. Deep breathing while holding hands with closed eyes could just be the peace and tranquillity you need in your relationship from time to time as it allows you to reassess and enjoy each other’s presence.

Variety is the spice of life

Keeping activities, food and hobbies varied in your relationship will keep things fresh and will evade plateaus. Trying new activities together such as a gym class, cookery lesson or watching a live sports game will keep your relationship interesting and trying new things will boost your ‘couple confidence’, hopefully resulting in a happier and healthier relationship. As such, having fun as a couple and sharing laughter is a sure fire way to a healthy marriage – yes, matrimony can be tasking at times, but it’s vital to inject fun into all marriages.

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