Top foods for enhancing fertility

Food ideas to help your fertility

Need help sowing the seeds of love? Look no further than our guide to fertile-friendly nutrition … If you need some advice to boost your chances of making a baby, our list of fertility-enhancing foods may well deliver some answers.

Whether virility or ovary issues keep you awake at night (for all the wrong reasons!), the following foods should have you eating your way to a better level of fertility in no time.

Fertility food for thought

With conception numbers dropping and adoption rates on the rise, you might think the chances of making a baby these days are lower than the modern man’s sperm count. Scientific research paints a fairly grim picture, as sperm and ova abnormalities continue to surge, whilst stress, overwork and alcohol are all held accountable. So, is there anything we can do to prevent the painful cycle of frustration brought on by miscarriages and weakened sperm? Thankfully, the answer is yes.

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Eating healthily can play a big part in boosting the fertility levels of men and women alike. Whether you suffer from poor potency, hormonal imbalance, or slow egg production, there are a number of foods which can redress the problems faced by many people.

Fertile foods for women

Red meat — Iron-packed red meat can seriously lower the risk of infertility arising in the ovulating process. Iron helps boost red blood cells whilst reducing the threat posed by anaemia. Red meat also offers a great source of zinc, supporting ovulation and maintaining efficient cell division.

Nuts — If you’re looking to go nuts in the bedroom, almonds and walnuts could offer a tasty solution. Their high Vitamin E content heightens the female sex drive, whilst simultaneously protecting embryos from miscarriages.

Oysters — The thought of eating oysters may seem unappealing to some, but it’s certainly worth enduring their acquired taste if you want to boost your fertility. Oysters offer a fine source of zinc which can prove vital for healthy ovulation and steady egg production. And even if you can’t afford to shell out on seafood, traces of zinc can be found in eggs, beans and nuts.

Baked potatoes — Baked potatoes are high in Vitamin B — perfect for sprightly lovemaking. The reserves of Vitamins B and E found in these foods also enhance cell division, increasing the likelihood of healthy ova being produced.

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Fertile foods for men

Fresh fruit — Fresh fruit is a great option for men looking to add a little lead to their pencils. With high levels of Vitamin C, it can really help prevent sperm from bunching together — ensuring that potency and sperm quality improve. If you’re desperate to be free of sperm abnormalities, it might be an idea to get a daily supply of kiwi, mango, strawberries or grapefruit. If nothing else, at least it’ll provide a tasty option.

Brazil nuts — We’re nut joking, brazil nuts really can help improve your sperm count. Offering a rich source of selenium, brazil nuts have been known to increase the numbers of active sperm in the body whilst developing their mobility. Selenium is also responsible for boosting testosterone and potency. So maybe it’s time you ate some brazils, to improve the performance of your nuts!

Garlic — Although more traditionally associated with the slaying of vampires, an occasional dose of garlic could seriously improve your fertility. Someone tell Dracula …

Oily fish — The likes of salmon, mackerel and sardines are really helpful if you’re looking to become fit and fertile. Oily fish contains Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which help to improve blood circulation around the reproductive system and boost sperm quality in the process. It may not be the sexiest of dinners, but an EFA-rich fish supper could be just what you need to perk up those flagging swimmers.

Chilli — Feeling chilli? Eating a spicy chilli dish might really give you a lift, in more ways than one! By speeding up the flow of blood to key reproductive areas, chillis could really boost potency to get you firing on all cylinders.

Give yourself a lift with fertile food …

Fertility foods needn’t cost the earth. Whether you hope to become more virile, or strengthen your egg production, the likes of oily fish, nuts and red meat shouldn’t prove too hard to stomach. So stop waiting for that stork to come down from the sky. If you really want to conceive, fulfilling your nutritional needs could offer one giant leap towards a happier future.

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