Top home remedies to prevent burps

Burping is not a medical condition. It is not a big deal either, but, it can be embarrassing!

What is burping?

Burping or belching is just a result of swallowing too much air. The medical term of burping is eructation (producing gas from stomach) and it actually serves a purpose. We all swallow air all the time and it has to go somewhere right? So, it sometimes just comes out the way it went in – via your mouth!

Burping is your body’s way of removing gas from your stomach. If the gas formed in your stomach is not removed, you might just burst like a balloon or suffer from severe stomach cramps. So, to avoid the embarrassment and burps, all you have to do is control the amount of air you swallow.

And that is our aim today – read on for a few tips and home remedies that can take care of your burping problem efficiently!


Ginger is of course an age old method for treating a whole lot of stomach ailments and burping is one amongthem. Try chewing on a piece of ginger twice a day and you will see the results yourself. If you can’t take the pungent taste, you could pop it into your mouth with some honey to mask the taste. Or you could even try ginger tea which is equally effective and we assure you, you won’t be embarrassed in public anymore!


Tea is a good way to start your day. Add a pinch of mint to your tea as it works as an antioxidant agent which stops the gases from building up inside your stomach. Also, have a cup of herbal tea after your meals to get rid of the burps.


Eating papaya regularly is another method of putting a stop to the burps. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which helps in proper digestion and prevents formation of gas in the stomach. So, eating papaya is not just good for your skin but also excellent remedy to stop burps naturally.

Lemon and baking soda

An extremely simple method to control burps straight out of your kitchen. If you are a chronic burper, lemon should be your best friend. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juiceand ¼ spoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it after your meals. This mixture will not just aid digestion but also take care of the terrible burps.

Close your mouth while eating

Now that you’ve learnt about the home remedies to get rid of the embarrassing burps, let’s talk about a few table manners. As we’ve already told you burps occur when too much air gets into your stomach while chewing. So, keep your mouth closed while chewing as this will stop the air from getting into your mouth thereby eliminating the necessity to burp. Also, eat slowly. Always chew your food before swallowing. Swallowing is another reason for burping. Most of us are always in a hurry and just swallow our food allowing a lot of air to get into our stomach, leading to those burps.

Stop smoking

Smokers are severe victims of burping as a whole lot of smoke gets accumulated in their stomach due to excessive smoking. When you smoke regularly, you end up inhaling more smoke than you exhale. This leads to accumulation of nicotine in your body and the reflux action is that your burp all day.

Your dentures

If you are done trying all the home remedies to no avail, it’s time you to take a look at your denture fittings. If your braces are not fixed properly, you mouth is always partially open allowing air to pass through and accumulate in your stomach. This can cause severe burping. So, visit your dentist right away and get your dentures fixed if you suspect this as a possible cause for burping.

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