Treatment for acne: Dr. Rekha Sheth

img_2_240x240aug6From the time she got her medical degree in dermatology in the early 1970s, Dr. Rekha Sheth has worked to establish herself in the field of cosmetic dermatology. In addition to being one of India’s leading dermatologists, she is a respected, renowned and pioneering authority on Cosmetic Dermatology, having started practicing Cosmetic Dermatology in the late 1980’s.

Rekha Sheth added a new dimension to the field in India, by founding her own cosmetology clinic – a “MediSpa”, where every aspect of skin and hair care including beauty services are executed under one roof. She was the first to start Cosmetology Society (India).

Ms. Sheth answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat.

I m really confused about carbohydrate foods. some say carbs cause weight gain some say carbs are very essential for ppl who exercise regularly some prescribe carbs protein diet to ppl wanting weight loss . what is your say on it.
hi gaur..carbs are your fuel with the help of which your body and brain works.. but depends on the carbs you eat.. carbs like sugar, processed foods are bad and make you fat.. but fruits, pulses, while grains are great carbs which give you energy and do not make you fat..also depends on the quantity and time you eat your carbs.. fruits eaten in the morning help you lose but eaten at night ass to your weight..

I want fair skin….Plz suggest me some tips to improve skin color for men with home remedy
You have to use a sunscreen everyday. SPF 30 or more. You can try malai and turmeric paste. You can keep this for half an hour and wash it off, provided you skin is not oily.

Suffering from seborrhoeic dermatitis of scalp and face for almost 10 years. Met several reputed dermatologists but, no permanent solution as yet. The medications help tackle the problem for a period of time but, a re-lapse is for sure. Advise
Seborrhoeic dermatitis is a difficult condition to treat. Our policy is to treat it, clear it completely which can take 4-6 months and teach you to manage it yourself because it can reoccur.

I am 40 years old and I am facing issue of pimples at this age during last 1.5 years. I have never faced this issues in the past. Have tried several ointments. Also I have pigmentation on my face.
I think you seem to have a complex problem so do see a dermatologist at your earliest.

I am 42 years old woman with 2 children aged 13 and 6. I have melisma on both side of the face ( may be two square centimeter in size). Please advise on how to cure it.
Its an extremely difficult condition to treat. Please do persist withy your dermatologist because it takes a very long time to clear. You may need peels, microdermabrasion, Q-switched lasers, etc.

How can I keep my skin look glowing? I am 41yrs old woman.
Use a sunscreen, anti aging cream, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly.

What can be reasons for my skin redishness? Do I need medication?
Please visit a deramtologist.

I am 27yr female. Have sensitive skin. Get reddishness on skin on minimum friction too. What ingredients should I look for in a good soap ?
In the first place you should not be using soaps. Use shower gels, PH Balance or face was instead.

White dry rashes seen on the skin and it creates irritations at times. Is it because of non usage of oil in the skin. Black spot like circles are seen on the skin and reduces when i apply oil to it
You need personal examination.

Will i need to go for some painful treatment for my fine lines below eyes?
No. most of the treatments are not painful.

I have very fine lines below my eyes. Makes me look older than 31yrs which is my actual age. How can i get rid of it?
You can opt for fillers, radio frequency tightening, peels, etc.

Do spots on skin occur due to sun rays or growing age?
There are many reasons and diseases which add spots.

Can spots be treated permanently? How?
Depends on the type of spots. It could be wreckles, lentigenes, it could be following some other disorders like acne. So most of them can be treated.

What needs to applied on my face and neck before and after make up mam?
Always use a sunscreen under your make up in the day time. Use an antioxidant moisturizer underneath your make up in the evenings. See that you remove your make up thoroughly at bed time.

I am basically make up loving person. Like to apply all kinds of cosmetics.what extra care i need to take for my skin?
Always use a sunscreen under your make up in the day time. Use an antioxidant moisturizer underneath your make up in the evenings. See that you remove your make up thoroughly at bed time.,

Is it better to apply moisturiser before applying sunscreen for good results?
Not necessarily because most sunscreens are formulated in a moisturizer base.

I am 36yr working female. I am mostly out in the sun. What SPF I should look for on sunscreen?
You should go for SPF50 or more. And PA 3PLUS

What all ons are available to treat stretch marks permanently?
You have to understand that stretch marks can never be erased completely. We dermatologists do skin peels, laser treatments, skin tightening treatments which help in reducing the stretch marks but not erasing them completely.

I am a mother of 7 months baby. I have been using an oil to treat my stretch marks. But the result is not showing. Please give me your guidance.
If you are nursing then there is not much you can do except use a good moisturizer. Please wait till you complete your nursing period and then visit an expert dermatologist.

Why and when does pigmentation occur on a particular portion of skin only?
There are hundreds of pigmentary disorders. It is very difficult to answer your question.

There is some pigmentation on the rightside of my right feet. How this can be treated?
I need to examine you personally for any guidance.

Give some suggestions please to stop hairfall. I had straightened and highlighted my hair and have witnessing hairfall since then. Female. Age 28yrs.
Improve your diet. You may add some vitamins like radiance H, Bitozed, Menofit plus, etc. TAKE THEM TWICE A DAY FOR ONE OR TWO MONTHS.

Can I do the right kind of face clean up at home or I should visit a professional?
Please go to a professional.

Hello Dr. Please tell me the right method of face clean up.
Its difficult to explain but by and large your face should be cleansed then steamed then white heads black heads removed very gently followed by a mask.

Hope there are no side effects after removal of mole?
One doesn’t any unless it gets infected or is inadequately treated.

Name- aashna. Am 25yr. I want to remove the mole on my left cheek. Please advise something.
You need to see a good plastic surgeon because by and large moles extend deep in the skin so you will have a mild scar after removal.

Are botox and fillers same or different?
No they are totally different. Botox relaxes the muscles underneath the skin or face and thereby reduces the crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines. Fillers fill up the grooves and the dents that happen due to aging.

Should skin whitening creams be completely avoided?
No. The first place it is skin lightening creams and not skin whitening creams.

How dangerous are skin whitening creams and lotions?
If they are made by reputed firms they are not dangerous.

Is there really something known as anti aging product/ treatment? Or this is all media generated?
There are a range of anti aging products and treatments available today. The most important thing is to chose the most effective one for you.

I am 47 yr old housewife. Might get to menopause anytime. As there are hormonal changes what skin care is advised?
This time is very important in life. Exercise regularly or atleast go for walks daily. control your body weight. Use a sunscreen for sure. And a good anti aging cream at night

Goodmorning Ma’m. you look so young. What is the secret behind your glowing skin?
Thanks for the compliment.I exercise everyday, have a reasonably good diet and I use anti aging products. I use my sunscreen regularly.

I am 14 years old Jain gujrati. I have thin hairs, growth is less, have dandruff. I wish to have long thick hairs. Can I have ? My skin has white and dark patches on face. Can I have equal colour tone?
Improve your diet. Have more proteins, milk , curd. If you are a non vegan then chicken, fish and eggs. Have more of fruits and vegetables for antioxidants. Exercise helps in reducing the bad effects of stress, it improves your circulation, increases your immunity. So all these will help in your healthy hair growth. You can also using Minoxidial 5 percent solution 3-4 times a week. If all this does not work in a month please see a dermatologist because there may be some underlying factors that are preventing your healthy hair growth. Please use a sunscreen regularly with SPF 30 and a moisturizer at night. Or see a dermatologist if condition does not improve in a month.

img_4_240x240aug6Are there any restrictions as to who can opt for derma fillers and who cannot. Thank you.
There are no restrictions as such unless you are on blood thinners which can give you a lot of bruising and bleeding. But at the same time if done properly they can make you look stunning.

Are there any risks involved when one does the derma filler therapy?
Of course there are- mild ones like redness, bruising, swelling to more severe ones like granulomas, a blockage of blood vessel that can go to nose, lips eyes, etc.

Hey Dr. Can you guide me on derma fillers?
You have to consult a dermatoologist for derma fillers because we have to examine your face thoroughly before going for fillers. Although fillers can be dramatic when done expertly.

What treatments can I go for to get rid of acne scars?
Depending on the severity of the scars treatments range from microdermabrasion, peels, dermaroller for mild to moderate cases to ablative laser treatment for severe scars.

What changes should I do in my lifestyle or diet to get rid of acne?
Exercise in the form of cardio workout is very important. Do it atleast for 40 mins 5 times a week. As for your diet see that you have adequate proteins like milk, yoghurt, sprouts and egg fish and chicken if you are non vegan. Avoid too many refined carbs like pizza pasta, bread, etc.

Please advice some treatment for my acne?
You can start using a gel containing Salicylic acid every night- this would work if it is mild. If it is not helping in a month then it would be better if you consult a dermatologist.

I am priyantal. I am 22yrs student. Why I am so prone to acne?
Acne is a result of a hormonal imbalance which could be natural due to puberty or it could be due to some internal disorder like PCO- We are seeing a tremendious increase in this- along with your genetic tendencies.

pl give your suggestions. what skin care regime i should follow. I have dry skin. woman age 37yrs.
Use a mild liquid facewash meant for dry skin, use a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more every single day. Use a moisturizer with antioxidants like Vitamin C, A E, etc. at night

Hello doc Rekha. Celebs always flaunt a stunning skin. Do you advise something special to celebrity clients?
We have to individualize treatments because each and everyone’s systems are different. We take into account the person’e health issues, their hormonal issues, their entire systems before we make a skin care regimen or plan.

What are the treatments available to get rid of double chin at your clinic?
We have Mesolipolysis where in we microinject small amounts of a substance which helps in breaking down the fat which is then absorbed by the body. The other techniques are to use radiofrequency, radiofrequency with ultrasound, or high intensity focused ultra sound technologies to tighten the double chin..

How can I know madam that which facial filler would suit me the best?
In India we get mainly hyaluronic acid fillers. This should be determined by your dermatologist. It is not possible for me to advice without personal examination.

Hi dr rekhaji. I am male age 36yr. My hair have gone really thin since a year. What should I do?
Improve your diet. Have more proteins, milk , curd. If you are a non vegan then chicken, fish and eggs. Have more of fruits and vegetables for antioxidants. Exercise helps in reducing the bad effects of stress, it improves your circulation, increases your immunity. So all these will help in your healthy hair growth. You can also using Minoxidial 5 percent solution 3-4 times a week. If all this does not work in a month please see a dermatologist because hair is very difficult to get back.

And in what ratio would you keep one’s diet for skin health?
30 percent protein, 20 percent fat and 50 percent carbs is my ratio for a balanced diet.

Hi. How much are genes responsible for our skin health?
Genes are responsible for a large majority of your skin and hair issus, but today with increase in pollution, the uv intensity and stress nature seems to be overtaking nurture So it is extremely important to have a good and healthy lifestyle which can prevent genetic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc