Trisha: Yoga stimulates metabolism, helps weight loss

Trisha Maharaj Singh, the yoga guru, who is helping people rediscover the transformative power of yoga through her DVD titled Power Yoga, took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ queries. We bring you the complete chat transcript here…

Any easy way to get rid of my paunch?

Lie on ur back and do supta dandasan-ur legs straight up to 90degrees and your hands over your head…also always keep your stomach tight..and yet breathe nornmally

Hi, my wife is pregnant so what type of yoga is good for her. she is 2 months into her pregnancy
Hi! she shd do supta baddhakon asan and hamstring stretches; no lying on stomach; sleep on the left side

Pl suggest asans to get rid of migraine
Forward bending postures help and also the down dog pose or adhomukha svan asan…a regular practise though is a must..

Tips for working people to stay fit
Watch your posture, walk around at work as much as possible, keep rotating your neck and shoulders,take the stairs,drink a lot of water to keep energy levels high

My brother is 15. he has asthma and it is worse in winter. pl help
He shd do sarvang asan but it must be monitored by a yoga teacher and also anulom vilom pranayam to condition the nerves..

Is it safe for teenagers to do pranayama?
Yes it is but you have to build it up slowly and watch your posture,that is most important in pranayam.,.

Can yoga help reduce blood sugar?
Yes it can as twisting asans help to drain the toxins from the organs and regulate pancreatic secretions…do keep up reugular yoga

My mother is 68, can she start yoga now?
Yes she can,she should do a form of yoga that suits her and does not tire her..

Hi, i am 28yrd old, 4 ft 7 and 76 kgs, can u suggest which asanas will help me lose weight
Do lots of surya namaskars and avoid eating after 7pm..

Can stretching increase my height?
It can but you have to be regular so ur limbs and spine stretch..

Dear maam, i am having acidity so i eat a lot, how to lose weight
Avoid eating after 7pm and have lots of of hot water throughout the day to keep the bowels empty…

Please tell me a good exercise to lose weight from my hip

Get on all fours-hands n knees and take your right leg out to the side and hold for 2 the same with your left leg…also surya namaskars help to burn over all fat..

Dear mam, pl tell me how to improve posture with ypga?
Always keep your chest up and your chin parallel to the ground..and keep your stomach tight

My son is 15, he has mild long sight in both eyes, is there any corrective exercise?
He shd do eye exercises – turning your eyes from left to right and up and down and clockwise and anti clockwise.

What is the best age to begin yoga?
From the age of 8 one can safely do all kinds of yoga as the skull and spine are fully developed..

Can any asana help us put on weight, i have been underweight since the age of 12, ia m 25 now
Yes you shd do surya namaskar to make you more energetic so you create more digestive fluids to make u hungry..

Dear maam, my daughter is 6yrs old. has minus 4 power in one eye. can any asana help her?

Tratak is a yogic practise-very effective,,,u need to stare at a flame in a dark room and focus at it..the flame can be of a shd be at eye level and still flame..

Pl can u suggest some exercise for back pain?
Lie on your back and put your legs up on a wall and stay there for atleast 5 mins..this is simple but soothes the spine

Should we follow a diet regime along with yoga for full benefit
Yes diet is very important to keep the mind alert well but have healthy fresh foods specially lots of vegetables and fruit..

Hi Trupti, please tell me how to get consultation from you?

What is the asana to reduce tummy fat?
Keep your stomach tight all day and also supta dandasan…raising ur legs up and down with your hands under your hips…

Pl tell us the secret to glowing skin
Lots of water, fruit and vegetables in raw form and regular yoga, take in sun light and morning fresh air..

Which yoga is better for building confidence,killing fear & good for concentration

Yoga works deeply on the nerves so all asans help to releasae the blocks in ones consciousness that cause fears and reduce energy do yoga regularly and you will feel a change in your mind…ustrasan and urdhva dhanurasan in particular help to release these bocks..

Since one month i m putting on weight very fastly. how to check
Pl read the chat page i have given details

How to reduce weight
Pl read the chat page, i have answered this..

Hi i am excess wait of 10-15 Kgs, mainly around tummy and thighs. Please suggest me best asanas to reduce the weight.
Standing asans and surya namaskar…regular yoga will take care of ur whole body shape and make you lose weight and give you a good shape..

Hi, i am 37 years old. my height is 5.3 inches and my weight is 54kg. Since one month i am putting on weight very fast. what to do
Metabolism slows down after 30 so start some yoga as a way to speed it up..surya namaskar is good-around 12 a day..

Can you help me out to reduce my waist size its 34 and my height is 5″6
Keep your stomach tight all the time and drink lots of hot water..reduce your food intake after 7 pm by 20 percent!

Can yoga help lose fat?
Yes it surya namaskar

I am interested in joining yoga
Thats a good idea!mail me on

Sure Yoga is beneficial. But how do you make students practise it. Adopt it as a way of life. Also too much stretching etc. can lead to premature wear and tear of tissues. So what is the right number of asanas to be done, etc.
Yoga is not only also tones the muscles ligaments joints and tissues …there is no fixed rules for yoga ..listen to your will know when to stop…optimally 30 mins a day of strength and flexibility

I am 158cm and 60 kg. wat should be my ideal weight and can i lose weight with yoga
Ideal weight is what u feel good in…yoga helps to stimulate your metabolism

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