Trust your zero calorie drink?

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Wondering why all your gym sessions and health food are not making any difference to your expanding waistline? The problem may be your reading skills!

Experts say that getting the true meaning of food labels and culling precise facts from them is often the difference between flab and fit.

Ritika Samaddar, chief dietician at Max Healthcare, points out the trap most of us fall into while reading a food label.

`You will find the serving information listed right at the top of the nutrition facts label in any product. This is where the people are misled, because they assume the information given is for the entire product and they end up happily finishing it,` Samaddar said.

Explaining this, Samaddar said: `Take your regular `namkeen bhujia` packet. It says in a serving there are 56 calories and per serving is equal to one tablespoon or 20 grams. But if you are eating the entire packet, which is 400 gms, you will end up eating 1,120 calories!`

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