`Tulsi` to be used for anti-radiation medicine

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From grandma`s home remedies for cough, cold and other ailments, `tulsi` (Indian Basil) is now being tested by Indian scientists for treating people exposed to harmful radiations and initial tests have shown some positive results.

Scientists at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) have developed a tulsi-based herbal medicine for treating people exposed to radiations. The medicine is already in the second phase of trials.

According to scientists, tulsi has anti-oxidant properties and can repair cells damaged by exposure to radiation.

`Tulsi-based medicine is already in second phase of clinical trials. It has to undergo some more trials before it is finalised and goes for commercial production. Animal trials have also been conducted and their results were quite encouraging,` DRDO`s Chief Controller (Research and Development) W. Selvamurthy said.

Selvamurthy was speaking at the 99th edition of the Indian Science Congress held here.

Besides tulsi, sea-buckthorn and podophyllum hexandrum were other herbs chosen to develop medicines to not just treat those effected by nuclear radiations but also as a precaution for those going for rescue work in radiation-affected areas.

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